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Working the Market: Smart Ways to Secure Entry Level Job Interviews

interview pic.gifApplications, constant follow ups, face time, and the search for entry level positions for recent college graduates creates job interviews. One thing many people cannot understand is there are many steps to acquiring a job interview during a recession and facing the music early can save you time in the future. The heartache associated with a recession includes employer skepticism, their lack of trust in good candidates, and the real definition of cut-throat competition.
Recent college grads are not aware that everyone is looking for a job. From high school students to older adults 50+ are searching for some kind of income opportunity. With this in mind, you have to strap yourself with street smarts and intelligent planning to secure entry level job interviews to show how valuable you are for an organization.
Pay Attention to Details
Working the job market can get a little hectic so it is vital to pay attention to details. For instance, do you have an idea of what level of income you need to survive? Can you work two jobs or one? These are questions that can create a different perspective in finding jobs in your town or nationwide. You may need a little imagination as well as some internet savvy to get in touch with prospective employers. Recent college students and graduates can speak with career counselors available at their college or university for leads on entry level positions. Listen to what your counselor has to say because it can be the difference between success and failure in your job search.
Improve Credit Score
Your credit score is a big difference between securing job interview and losing an opportunity. A few ways to help improve your credit score is through credit counseling, direct payment plans, and/or paying the outdated debts in full before your job search. Employers need have confidence in your abilities to pay on time, financial stability, and the respect to terms and conditions of a contract. Entry level positions for recent college students and graduates are lurking everywhere but you have to improve your credit score to surpass the competition.
Ask Friends for Referrals
Your friends can open doors you never thought would open. Entry level jobs for recent college students and grads are passed up if current employees know talented candidates. If your friends know hiring managers, it would help to ask for a direct reference. It is also important to make sure your friends are outstanding employees in their organizations or it may look bad for the referral from an unproductive buddy.
Stay Active In the Industry
Recent college students and graduates can enter their fields by joining a professional association, build alliances in corporate America, and make a statement in their industries. Finding your place in the workforce means managing your professional image, building experience, and creating a buzz to secure job interviews. Many people overlook the possibilities for recent college grads because of their lack of industry knowledge or professional experience; develop a strong position in your industry.
Securing an entry level job interview is the ultimate step towards getting a position in a great organization. What kind of job do you want? How can your reputation place you on the right track to success? Are you ready to present your abilities to prospective employers Never settle for less than your best to prospective employers, references, and opportunities to secure job interviews.

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Facing Graduation Fears: Five Ways to Find Local Jobs in a Recession

photo_9680_20091108.jpgGraduation is right around the corner. Your palms are sweaty, you are unsure about your future, and the thought of a minimum wage position hurts your ambition. If you have been procrastinating towards securing employment, today is the day you have to step up your game. Many people are searching for jobs and anyone can have an opportunity handed over in minutes. Entry level jobs for recent college students and grads are in their local area. Over 11% of today’s college students have returned to their hometowns to find work in a familiar area – this may not be what you imaged, but it is a starting point in honing a solid career.
Return Home
Recent college grads want to live on their own, but today’s reality can place dreams on hold. Realistic plans and actions are the only way to achieve security in a recession. Millions are unemployed across the nation while others are on the brink of layoffs. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and secure employment, sticking to home can help ease the stress of managing financial issues away from your family. There are many benefits in living home include being surrounded by loved ones, emotional and financial support, and the ability to grow within your means.
Work in Local Businesses
Finding employment in local business require you to create a job hunting plan, engaging in community service, enhance skill sets, applying for temp work, and/or starting a business. Your community is in need of your talents, skills, and abilities to rebuild structure during a recession. Why not dig deep into your knowledge to find where you can excel in your hometown? Local businesses need talented candidates as well as innovative thinkers to help build their businesses. If you start small, there is no telling where you could go in a few months time.
Scope Out Opportunities
Sometimes you have to start from scratch in order to build a successful job search. Entry level positions for recent college graduates can range from Account Managers, assistant positions, and more. You have to dig into your imagination to find suitable roles to play in a local business environment. The community in which you serve needs to know who you are, what you stand for, and why you want to be involved in operations.
Unlike larger firms, small business owners are typically close to their employees by some form of communication. Your job hunt should include learning about the business leaders, their history in the city or town, and current employment opportunities listed and unlisted. A great way to learn about entry level jobs for recent college students and graduates would be to introduce yourself by an in-person visit. Face value can start the connection then working alongside others in community service projects can help with breaking the ice of new found friendships.
Community Service Projects
Community service is an unconventional way of learning about your potential employers. There is only one thing to remember: focus on the project then on your own agenda. No one likes blatant advertising or networking during a community event. It is important to participate in service projects related to a heartfelt interest or others will read right through you. A lot of recent college graduates have met friends, built relationships with prospective employers, and received job offers from putting their passions to use in the community. If you want this kind of chance to happen, get away from your laptop and start searching for opportunities that can change your life as well as your community.
Start a Side Business
Personal services such as hair design, computer repair, tax preparation, and tutoring can get your name out into the community while building a strong reputation. There is a growing trend of recent college students starting businesses to keep extra money in their pockets and building a network of loyalty in their communities. You may find a relatively large market for the personal services you offer which can help you obtain leads, sales, and new opportunities all over your hometown. Think about what you can do that is worth someone’s payment. If you think your fees are reasonable, approach a few prospects to see where it goes. Starting a side business is a great way to improve your experience in your field while earning a living while home.

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Focus – It Takes One Idea to Make Success Possible

It’s okay to think about the future. In fact, you have to think about the future if you want to accomplish your goals. Many people are discouraged by the noise of statistics, the news, and flat out lies the media wants to feed recent college graduates. The truth lies in their ability to focus on their goals. You can ask anyone whom wanted to accomplish certain goals, but decided to give up.
What was their reason (or excuse)?
Why did they allow failure to control their hearts?
How would you feel if you were in their position?
You never know the answer to your problems until you face them head on. I, personally, can vouch for personal failure because it happens.
It happens to everyone.
What do you do after you see your dreams crumble before your eyes?
.. You get ready to fight for your dreams.
.. You search for an answer to your problems.
.. You plan, get ready, and focus on the next step.
Nothing can stand in your way when you decide to focus on achieving your goals. I’ve stumbled, crawled, rolled, and even dived through my troubles to find answers. I’ve taken each encounter into consideration in order to make a better decision. I’ve cried…
Success is standing right in front of you… are you ready to take a stand?
If you are, you have to start today.
Stop waiting for tomorrow to come.. stop dwelling on yesterday’s failures.
You are the only one responsible for reaching your goals. You have to take control of yourself before you can take control of your situation. Own up to your responsibilities and let everything fall in place – it only happens when you focus.

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Progressive Insurance

Established in 1937, two good friends named Joseph Lewis and Jack Green started Progressive Mutual Insurance Company to provide security and protection most auto insurance companies lacked. Since then the company has worked hard to earn its reputation as a fair, fast, and reliable insurance company in the US. The initial introduction of the company led thousands in the right direction by managing their auto insurance with integrity. Progressive’s beginning is just as intriguing as its current workforce with over 250,000 employees in over 450 offices across the nation. Entry level jobs and internships are the tip of the iceberg for recent graduates; training, advancement, and learning are required to establish oneself in this organization. Progressive’s unique work environment is only one aspect used to engage current students and recent grads.
Progressive is built on integrity, the Golden Rule, objectives, excellence, and profit. Future prospects, recent graduates, and current college students must function under these same terms. The opportunities emerging from Progressive’s expansion calls for more students and highly talented candidates to fill entry level positions in every office across the nation. This alone drives the need for employees with open minds and customer service oriented personalities to consider Progressive a starting point in their careers. At this time, new grads are entering internships to learn more about this company to grow into functional roles that assist in accomplishing Progressive’s mission of service.
Interested in working with a leading insurance company? Progressive offers multiple internship opportunities for first-year MBA students that demonstrate initiative, responsive to challenges, and open to learn the operations of an insurance firm based on service to the community. Current information technology (IT) students can gain exposure in a Fortune 500 firm by applying for one of the many IT internships available at Colorado Springs, Colorado and outside of Cleveland locations. The openings include:

  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Operations Services
  • Quality Assurance

If computers are not your forte, you can learn more about the Claims Adjuster Trainee program that teaches students how to examine policies to determine coverage, review police and hospital records, call and interview claimants pertaining to a claim, and learn to appraise, investigate, and settle both vehicle and personal injury claims. The extent of learning moves out of the classroom with real world experience. Students with the drive to succeed in a true learning environment call Progressive Insurance home.
Career Opportunities
Recent grads and current students interested in applying to Progressive can find entry level positions in:

  • Corporate and Executive
  • Claims
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Sales and Service

Each position offers amazing benefits including tuition assistance, 401(k) plans, Identity Theft Insurance, Aflac, base salary, and gain sharing. The connection between Progressive and its employees has built a strong foundation for recent grads to consider. The entry level jobs and internships offered through this company peak interest like never before. Ironically, Progressive considers these benefits necessities to keeping highly-talented employees happy and productive. The founders worked off of core values that continue to stream through all 450 offices across the nation. As soon as you decide Progressive insurance is the best place to start your career, you can access the many perks available to their employees.

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The Occupational Riddle

What is the true motivation of police work? Catching a serial killer. Putting a known sleaze bag in jail out of thousands that are still roaming the streets. And the patrol officer that is not Hollywood material but stuff for reality television- -what gives? A mediocre salary for being a target in a job that nobody appreciates you doing- -how fun is that? Seriously, if we have become a humanity that needs a police officer to keep the peace among every six hundred citizens then kill me now and tax less the other five ninety nine. To think officers actually feel bombarded by this ratio. What disorder are we calling officers for? Honestly, when has the presence of a cop actually meant good news?
So, considering the amount of crap an officer has on their plate, what’s the point of police officers writing parking tickets? How is citing an expired parking meter or a double-parked car protecting and serving? Why is it important that someone receive a sixty-dollar summons for skipping a two-dollar fare? “Theft of Services” they call it as if it were a noble privilege to ride a filthy, delinquent subway. And what about the wages subway riders were docked for being late? The extra forty minutes of sleep they are deprived of daily because the trains can’t be relied on? “Theft of Life” is what I call it. But I’m getting off the subject this piece is about the police.
I would never argue that police work is the most difficult occupation. The pay, can we talk about the pay? NYPD recently got a raise: from a whopping $25,800 per year to $35,800. Are you joking? To risk your life and deal with the scum of the earth everyday, that’s the rate? As a result most police officers will make an arrest at the end of their day to tag on the overtime. They are union and that’s where the real money is made. And if writing tickets is going to get you a bonus, then “Ma’am you are not crying yourself out of a ticket!” If you visit the website, you can peruse the ‘holier than thou’ rule of thumb discussions about issuing citations. But once again, I am getting off the subject.
Perhaps I am another disgruntled citizen who is irritated for having to shell out a considerable amount of money for going fifteen miles faster than I should. But no, I am a person in a position of equal power to those who are sworn to uphold the law, with the power of the pen and the right to free speech. My logical conclusion why anyone would want to join the police force is comparable to why anyone would want to join the mob. The money, the power-trip, the sea that swallows all questionable acts of conduct as long as no television cameras are around. And the difference in sentiment is obvious when
a friend sees you off on a road trip and reminds you to “watch out for the bacon”.

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When my niece was four-years old, she said, “I want to be a Paleontologist when I grow up.”
Thirteen years later, she’s playing bass guitar, learning Japanese and will probably be pursuing an Art Major. It’s not surprising considering her family’s history of career changes. There’s no lineage of an occupation that’s lasted generations other than a ‘struggling artist’. Artists always find themselves at odds with money and work. Some wind up on a stagnated path of a job, mimicking their talent. Others may find themselves far from home base, eventually making a career change to get back on track.
If pursuing a career in the arts could only be as evident as studying Business or Communications. Artists wouldn’t have to hear the old clich√©, “you should have something to fall back on”, as if that would come to fruition. Not to prove them right, but why is it so hard to find a steady paying gig as an artist? Is it really egotistical or selfish for an artist to be non-conformist? I thought it was just the mindset of an artist? For example, if I were to have a bullet point list of how an artist could make money, the first thing an artist would do is, ignore it.
Eventually, after heartache, wisdom with age and debt to match, the artist will find an outlet to their talent. Maybe the well wishers are right. You should have something to fall back on. Among the re-directed artists, Art and Music Therapy offer importance and a respectable income. Both target different groups for therapy. Art Therapy is psychotherapeutic and psychological. Patients can range from children to adults dealing with trauma. Music therapy deals with motor skills and expressive therapy and is given for occupational or arthritic conditions. Certifications and degrees are required and varied. Detailed information can be found at the American Art Therapy Association and the American Music Therapy Association websites.
Now I’m sure there are artists who are saying, “I’m an artist because I want to avoid people, not help them”, to which I may suggest an alternative career in writing. I’ll admit, a high paying job as a writer usually requires a Bachelor’s degree in English. But there’s plenty of fun stuff that can be found in freelance work. Paying jobs can be found in Web site content writing or freelance articles submitted to magazines and newsletters in circulation in print or on the web. The important thing to remember is that all a good writer needs is material and practice. Life as an artist surely covers that.
Artists definitely have their work cut out for them. After all, who can forecast the dollar value of music, art or dance like they can for computers, communications or commodities? It’s all about demand. So, as long as there is a brain that needs help and others that feed on information, you can be assured you have something to fall back on.

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Forced vasectomies, salvation from a Beggarmaster and a government that changes the law to legitimize their corruption. These are but a few of the adventures in the intricate novel called “A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry. The story takes place in Mumbai, India around 1975. The main characters undergo such an oppressive struggle to survive it’s almost unbearable to read. But the book is written so well that it’s worth the heartache. Though it’s been thirteen years since the book was published, it supplies an interesting insight to a current controversy: outsourcing. The United States, Europe and Japan outsource favorable work to India and save big bucks. And technology is only improving the ease of outsourcing, degenerating American jobs. Check out the facts on “Business Process Outsourcing in India” on Wikpedia. The numbers are staggering. And I could understand the temptation to fathom the outsourced workers as the enemy. Before you do, read the book, “A Fine Balance” and get a taste of what life was like in the city that has taken our jobs.
My favorite character in the book was Ishvar. He is a tailor whose father was a leather curer. If you are not familiar with the Caste System in India, it is a BIG DEAL to change your occupation. Moving up in life when you are supposed to be lower than dirt is a hard pill to swallow. When Ishvar’s father decides his sons will learn a different trade to have a chance at a better life, his family is ostracized. Life is so mean to them, you really wish they would just win the Lotto and be done with it. The injustices they endure could only be seen as a million dollar lawsuit in the United States. As I read the book, I asked people who have traveled to India if it was indeed like the book’s description. To which, I was sadly confirmed that yes, it is. Not to say this country doesn’t have it’s share of people overcoming great odds to succeed but they are not exactly replacing educated workers in a different country by the hundreds of thousands now, are they?
Business’ loyalty is to profit. A business in a country that thrives on capitalism is faithful to the consumer. Residing in the country that consumes the product is no guarantee that the company will employ the consumer. Short of saying it’s our own fault, we have to look at the real problem. The consumer wants cheap flip-flops and children’s clothing at Walmart, it will be made in China. The consumer wants 24-Hour assistance to set up a home printer, the calls will be answered in India. We all have to make sacrifices. We all have to make a living. It’s not the workers; it’s the consumer.

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What ego could resist working for a big corporation? To have the fame, the popularity and the money synonymous with what you do for a living is powerful. The trouble with large corporations is being able to get your foot in the door, even for entry level jobs. For those who do, the climb up can be a long, arduous battle of administrative politics. It’s no wonder then that women own a third of the nation’s small businesses and businesses owned by minorities are the fastest growing sector. Small businesses are fast and sleek. They are hungry and lined with self-motivated people. Should you opt to apply for entry level jobs in a small business you will be facing obstacles such as limited resources and lack of company history. But for those who have an insatiable appetite for independence and a preference for the road less traveled, small business is for you.
Though there are plenty of small businesses, entry level jobs will be limited to the company’s growth and need. An applicant will have to sell his or her productive qualities over anything else. In a small business, it’s vital to act fast and make the right move, which often calls for experience. Most small business owners, however, are attracted to a pro-active personality over a seasoned player. Entrepreneurs are innovators. Somewhere in their career, they took a series of calculated risks and cultivated a successful company. Every profitable business owner has a business plan. Find out what it is. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend reading “The E-Myth” by Michael E. Gerber. Gerber goes into the common reasons why most small businesses fail and how to avoid them.
Working for a small company will probably be the most exhilarating experience in your career path. Exhilarating because you never know who is going to be the next success story like ADP: Automatic Data Processing, Inc. A company founded in 1949 providing payroll services for a few clients. Hard to believe the multi-billion dollar operation today started out as a family business.

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Lay It On The Line…

If you want something, go and get it.
Work and get it.
Nothing hurts more than drowning out your dream to make everyone else happy. I’ve learned a valuable lesson the last 6 weeks and I want to share it with you.


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“Do I Really Have To Work To Make A Living?”

Online home business scams continue to make money because people have lost the notion of hard work.
The numbers are staggering, but the world continues to indulge in the mindset of ‘free money’. Can you imagine generating thousands of dollars without effort? The flashy, inconsistent messages of online home business scams grab the attention of innocent victims while their CEOs are happy with profits.