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If you want something, go and get it.
Work and get it.
Nothing hurts more than drowning out your dream to make everyone else happy. I’ve learned a valuable lesson the last 6 weeks and I want to share it with you.

As a restaurant worker, I felt trapped in a world of routine, stunted growth, and agony. Everyday was a day I wish would end before I got to work. This idea of a ‘real’ job crammed my creativity into a slender hole built for air. My lungs felt congested with fluids of cyanide (not really, but you get the point).
And… I felt like I was dying because I couldn’t write.
Now, I am back in full effect in freelance writing and internet marketing. My work is fulfilling, interesting, and I can’t believe I let it go for 6 weeks. My colleagues were upset with me and my progress, I was upset with myself, and well… my work suffered from my selfishness. This experiment almost killed my dream of writing great articles for the world.
Do NOT let your job do this to you!
Recent college graduates are victims of this kind of rut when they are in need of money. Truth is… you will need money to survive, but you must stick to your plan. You might suffer dire consequences such as a lack of motivation, creativity, and progress. Your career is on the line when you give up your dreams for money. Financial issues are only a bit of the problem… people depend on you if you make commitments (I ran into this problem the last 6 weeks). I couldn’t write and manage my job duties 11 am to 11 pm. People started to hate me. People started to doubt my writing capabilities. And I felt like I gave up on my dreams.
When someone asked if their project was done.. I would say it was in ‘progress’, but I was TIRED. I couldn’t write my own name after 12 hours of work. When someone asked how well my book was… I felt ashamed that I did not write according to plan.
No. No. No.
Never put yourself in a predicament that causes you to lose sight of your dreams.
In a nutshell…. Here are the rules of the game:
1. Be true to yourself… follow your dreams with all of your heart.
2. Learn from your mistakes and never look back.
3. Work smart, hard, and deliver results.
4. Forget about what the world says… listen to your heart.

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