Publisher Partnership Program

College Recruiter believes that every student and recent graduate deserves a great career.

In order to reach every student and recent graduate of every one-, two-, and four-year college and university, we need to use a little magic. Well, it isn't actually magic. Unless you consider partnerships to be magical.

When a job is posted to College Recruiter either manually or through an automated feed, we distribute that job to our network of hundreds of college career service office, college newspaper, and other career sites. The students, recent graduates, and other job seekers using those sites can then read the job posting on those sites, click the apply button, and be automatically and instantly redirected through to the employer's application page. Only the most perceptive of candidates would realize that they're on our site, and they're only on our site momentarily.

Is your site used by thousands of college or university students and recent graduates a month? Would it make sense to provide to them easier access to hundreds of thousands of relevant jobs AND for you to be paid every time one of them clicks to go to the site of our customer? We pay a little above market average for every valid click that you deliver.

What makes a click valid? It isn't:

  • Foreign - a click from a candidate in Malaysia is foreign if going to a job located in the U.S. but not foreign if going to a job located in Malaysia;
  • Duplicate - only one click per job per IP address within five-minutes;
  • Latent - click came more than 24-hours after we removed it from our feed to you.

One of the perks of our program is that we pay you for every valid click, even if that same candidate has already clicked to apply to other jobs. Also, we use trusted third-party, Clickcast, to distribute jobs to our publishers, handle fraud prevention, and provide 24/7 reporting. Sound good? Contact us today. We will respond within two business days.