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Established in 1937, two good friends named Joseph Lewis and Jack Green started Progressive Mutual Insurance Company to provide security and protection most auto insurance companies lacked. Since then the company has worked hard to earn its reputation as a fair, fast, and reliable insurance company in the US. The initial introduction of the company led thousands in the right direction by managing their auto insurance with integrity. Progressive’s beginning is just as intriguing as its current workforce with over 250,000 employees in over 450 offices across the nation. Entry level jobs and internships are the tip of the iceberg for recent graduates; training, advancement, and learning are required to establish oneself in this organization. Progressive’s unique work environment is only one aspect used to engage current students and recent grads.
Progressive is built on integrity, the Golden Rule, objectives, excellence, and profit. Future prospects, recent graduates, and current college students must function under these same terms. The opportunities emerging from Progressive’s expansion calls for more students and highly talented candidates to fill entry level positions in every office across the nation. This alone drives the need for employees with open minds and customer service oriented personalities to consider Progressive a starting point in their careers. At this time, new grads are entering internships to learn more about this company to grow into functional roles that assist in accomplishing Progressive’s mission of service.
Interested in working with a leading insurance company? Progressive offers multiple internship opportunities for first-year MBA students that demonstrate initiative, responsive to challenges, and open to learn the operations of an insurance firm based on service to the community. Current information technology (IT) students can gain exposure in a Fortune 500 firm by applying for one of the many IT internships available at Colorado Springs, Colorado and outside of Cleveland locations. The openings include:

  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Operations Services
  • Quality Assurance

If computers are not your forte, you can learn more about the Claims Adjuster Trainee program that teaches students how to examine policies to determine coverage, review police and hospital records, call and interview claimants pertaining to a claim, and learn to appraise, investigate, and settle both vehicle and personal injury claims. The extent of learning moves out of the classroom with real world experience. Students with the drive to succeed in a true learning environment call Progressive Insurance home.
Career Opportunities
Recent grads and current students interested in applying to Progressive can find entry level positions in:

  • Corporate and Executive
  • Claims
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Sales and Service

Each position offers amazing benefits including tuition assistance, 401(k) plans, Identity Theft Insurance, Aflac, base salary, and gain sharing. The connection between Progressive and its employees has built a strong foundation for recent grads to consider. The entry level jobs and internships offered through this company peak interest like never before. Ironically, Progressive considers these benefits necessities to keeping highly-talented employees happy and productive. The founders worked off of core values that continue to stream through all 450 offices across the nation. As soon as you decide Progressive insurance is the best place to start your career, you can access the many perks available to their employees.

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