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Posted October 12, 2012 by

5 Guerrilla Job Search Tactics

Young man kneeling in a position as if to race

Young man kneeling in a position as if to race. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The term ‘guerrilla’ actually means ‘little war’ in Spanish and was first named after the tactics used by a tiny group of Spanish soldiers when they fought against Napoleon from 1807-1814 during the Peninsular War. The tactic involves using your own strength to expose an enemy’s weakness. When it comes to searching for jobs in such a crowded marketplace, you need to consider your fellow applicants as ‘enemies’ if you wish to land the job. You also need to use unorthodox tactics and not be as generic or as dull as other jobseekers. Above all, never restrict your job search to online sites as there are a myriad of other options out there. Below are 5 guerrilla job hunting tactics you can use to great effect. (more…)

Posted October 11, 2012 by

The Essentials Of Writing Your First Resume

Resume with a pen

Resume with a pen. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Writing your first resume may seem like a difficult task. A resume is critical in the job seeking process. It communicates to hiring managers and recruiters how qualified a person is for a particular job. Writing a good one can improve your chances of getting a position in your chosen pursuit. When writing a resume, it is important to remember a few essential points. (more…)

Posted October 10, 2012 by

How To Start A Business While Still In College

For many individuals, the idea of starting a business while in college may seem overwhelming or irresponsible. There are many risks involved and not everybody is up the challenge. However, statistics show that some of the most successful people are the ones who are willing to face those exact risks. Many of the most popular companies out there were started by college students who were willing to step outside their comfort zone to try something that thousands of others might have thought risky. (more…)

Posted October 09, 2012 by

Unconventional Job Search Techniques – Standing Out From The Crowd

One figure standing out from the crowd

One figure standing out from the crowd. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

In the current economy, having a stable job is something to be thankful for. But what if you are currently unemployed? Perhaps you want a job that will be more satisfying or fit your family’s needs better than your current job. What can you do to gain the edge and stand out in this environment of limited employment openings? Sometimes using job search techniques that are unconventional can help you land the job you want. (more…)

Posted October 08, 2012 by

Resume Websites Have Several Advantages over Traditional Resumes

Blue resume website button

Blue resume website button. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Why Make A Resume Website?

One of the most important tools available in a job search is a resume. To be effective, your resume should highlight your professional strengths and skills. It needs to be current, attractive, consistent in format, and free of typographical errors. One other very important quality of an effective resume is that it must be accessible. Conventional methods of resume writing and sharing are still valid, but when it comes to creating and sharing resumes, there are real advantages to creating a website specifically to share your resume. Here are a few of them: (more…)

Posted July 25, 2012 by

Ways To Help Get Out Of Student Loan Debt

College can be a wonderful experience for American students but it can also be one that leads to a lifetime of debt. Over $100 billion worth of student loans were taken out in 2011. The total level of outstanding debt also crossed the $1 trillion mark recently for the first time ever. The level of student debt in the nation is now officially greater than credit card debt according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In the last 35 years, the cost of college tuition has increased by over 900% and in 2010; the average student had collected $25,000 worth of debt by the time they graduated. It seems as if student debt is inevitable so how do you cope with it? (more…)

Posted July 24, 2012 by

Is Online Tutoring Any Good?

Given the problems facing the education system, it’s no surprise to learn that the online tutoring market is expanding rapidly. According to a recent survey of 500,000 students in 41 countries, the United States’ educational standards are falling. The Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) showed that students in American schools start struggling as early as the fourth grade. Performance deteriorates in middle school and by high school; American students seem to lag far behind their international counterparts.

One of the issues is the standard of teaching according to the report. 55% of physical science teachers in US high schools don’t have a minor in any of the physical sciences. Although online tutoring is said to be the best solution, there are disadvantages that need to be addressed. We look at the pros and cons below. (more…)

Posted July 24, 2012 by

High Quality Online Schools

Online classes and degrees may well be the future of higher education since they offer such a high level of convenience and are gradually being accepted by employers as sufficient qualifications for a job. Online schools are becoming extremely popular with busy professionals and parents who don’t have the time to dedicate to a campus based college course. Previously, prospective students had to find a college and a job nearby to pay for it all. Now, it is possible to study at your own pace from home while fitting it all in with a full-time job. Below are 5 of the best online colleges which are accredited and offer qualifications accepted nationwide. (more…)

Posted July 24, 2012 by

Writing A Resume When You Don’t Have Much Work Experience

The job market can be a daunting place and when you’re attempting to write a resume without work experience, it seems almost impossible to believe that you have any chance of getting a job. There seems to be a vicious circle in place: Employers only want to hire staff with previous experience but without gaining this experience, how are you supposed to ever learn? As a result, the starter resume could well be the most difficult one to write. However, it is possible to create a winning resume even if you have no previous work experience. Below are some tips that will help you avoid being an unemployment statistic. (more…)

Posted March 15, 2012 by

Making Your Job Search As Efficient As Possible

The unemployment rate in the United States has escalated and is now near record levels. The odds of this reducing drastically anytime soon seem to be long as there is no end in sight to the economic recession that has gripped the world and has seen record unemployment rates in a host of countries. The number of jobs available are wholly insufficient to satiate the desires of an ever-expanding prospective workforce. Every job that comes available is hotly-contested with men and women who once earned $100,000+ a year vying for jobs that pay less than $9 an hour. It is a humiliating experience but this feeling is exacerbated when they fail to land the job. Time wasted searching for employment in this economic climate is expensive which means it is important to improve job search efficiency. (more…)