• RadioShack Corporation

    November 19, 2008 by

    RadioShack is a leading electronics company that helps customers overcome technology barriers by educating, supporting, and encouraging questions. The company began in Fort Worth, Texas when two young men, Norton Hinckley and Dave L. Tandy (1889-1966) decided to work together by opening an electronic mail order business in 1919. It was unknown at the time, but Dave L. Tandy’s oldest son, Charles Tandy, would acquire his father’s niche for business. Charles Tandy’s abilities kept his ambitions alive during the WWII when many companies were struggling.
    Half way across the nation, two brothers named Theodore and Milton Deutschmann, opened a small company called ‘RadioShack’ in Boston. By 1921 RadioShack was the leading electronic mail order business in Northeast of Boston. The small, hobbyist store sold radio equipment to the ships throughout the US. Soon, the company focused on local neighborhoods throughout the Boston area which lead to its expansion in 1960.
    In 1960, franchises were established in nine retail locations. RadioShack remained a small, enthusiasts store until Charles Tandy acquired the struggling company in 1963. The role of electronics was in a booming stage by 1970s which lead to more coverage in the areas of personal computers (TRS-80), citizen band (CB) radios, and the first mobile cellular phone. Charles Tandy’s vision for success is the reason recent college grads have an opportunity to continue his legacy and accomplish their dreams of leadership in technology.
    RadioShack offers an array of employment opportunities in their corporate office in Dallas- Ft. Worth, Texas. Some entry level positions and internships are available through these departments:

    • Accounting/Financial
    • Administrative/Clerical
    • Communications/Public Relations
    • Customer Service
    • Human Resources
    • Information Systems
    • Inside Sales
    • Marketing/Advertising
    • Merchandising
    • Real Estate
    • Security
    • Supply Chain/Logistics

    Recent graduates have an opportunity to work in an entry level job or internships that encourages growth within the company. If corporate is not in your location, you can apply to one of the hundreds RadioShack locations for a retail position such as a Sales Associate, Seasonal Sales Associate, Store Management, or Wireless Sales.
    Technical areas of Service Technician Service Centers are for highly-talented grads and students with experience in electronics repair. With only six centers available, these positions are very important. Service Technicians are responsible for repairing PCS, cellular, consumer electronics, and computers. Each position offers a challenge to overcome fears of sales and increase your skills as a young professional.
    Recent college grads and students can apply for RadioShack entry level positions here. Before you make the decision, remember RadioShack is an equal opportunity employer that embraces recent grads and current students from diverse backgrounds. With RadioShack, you can evolve into an experienced professional in your given field – not necessarily your college major. Diversity is the key to success; RadioShack prefers individuals with a multiple set of skills that allow flexibility in job responsibilities.
    You may ask yourself, ‘What makes RadioShack employees stand out from the rest?’ RadioShack’s employees love electronics and love to educate consumers on the latest technology. Employees enjoy life-long learning opportunities and challenges. Find an entry level job and apply if you are ready to take the next step with RadioShack.

  • T-Mobile

    November 17, 2008 by

    T-Mobile USA is an US-based entity of T-Mobile International AG, a subsidiary company of Deutsche Telekom AG, with over 120 million customers worldwide. T-Mobile also employs over 36,000 employees from a diverse background of experience in telecommunications. Since 2002, T-Mobile began to dominate the wireless industry by communication breakthroughs in handsets, services, and customer satisfaction. By 2009, it expects to launch larger, more promising programs to its users. In order to do this, T-Mobile is in need of recent college grads to add breadth to its team.
    T-Mobile is a wireless, data, and voice telecommunications’ company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. With its reach of over 268 million customers, it is expanding annually and is in search of highly talented recent college grads to add to its team. At T-Mobile, the purpose is plain and simple; employees are helping families and friends ‘Stick Together’ through its line of products and services.
    This company is known for its in-depth training of its associates, and recruits can expect the best. Before taking the next step, many college students have an opportunity to work with the wireless industry’s top experts in the 12-week internships in:

    • Finance
    • Sales
    • Business Operations
    • Engineering
    • Product Development
    • Customer Service
    • Human Resources

    An outgoing personality will do wonders in your career with T-Mobile. Associates must be able to talk with prospects directly, answer questions confidently, and provide outstanding service at all times. These are high standards; T-Mobile expects its employees to exceed their comfort zones in order to become professionals. Are you up for this type of challenge?
    If you have a personal drive to help keep families and friends together, T-Mobile is the best company that will ‘stick’ the mantra to your skills in an entry level job. Recent college graduates with a light sense of humor, ability to learn new technologies and educate others on their benefits will find T-Mobile to be a great starting point for their careers. Recent graduates and students of all backgrounds including Business Administration, Computer Science, Accounting/Finance, and Information Technology have an opportunity to reach their career and academic goals through T-Mobile’s advanced education program.
    If this is not enough to tickle your fancy, T-Mobile has a global presence and supports community service projects across the US. Your desire to help can lead you in many positive directions with T-Mobile. Recent college grads interested in entry level positions with this company have an eye-opening experience waiting. Not only that, but T-Mobile has been ranked #1 by JD Power and Associates for the 2007 Wireless Regional Customer Satisfaction, #1 for the 2008 Wireless Customer Care Performance, and the 2007 Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction Performance studies.
    Awards are only one face of T-Mobile; recent college grads interested in entry level jobs with this company is what the customers will see. Are you ready to be the face of an award-winning wireless company like T-Mobile? Think about what is available, apply, and see what happens as you move forward in your sales career with an industry leader in keeping families together.

  • Valpak – Cox Target Media

    Valpak is a direct marketing and advertising firm based in Largo, Florida, with central locations in over 200 markets across the US. Students across the country are linking into focus with highly advertised positions in Advertising Account Executives and more with this company. Entry level jobs in the advertising industry offer recent grads an opportunity to engage customers and develop skills to enhance their careers.
    Never heard of this firm? Well, Valpak is a blue envelope direct marketing company that connects advertisers to their audience. When people think of value, they think of Valpak. Thus, you are entering into a company that is founded on trust, integrity, and value. With Valpak, entry level positions means face-to-face, online, and in-the mail sales to clients. Valpak does not offer internships for recent college students, but students can apply for entry level positions available.
    Valpak’s entry level jobs go beyond the sales origin of Advertising Account Executives and links into the interworking of its offices including positions in:

    • Administration
    • Marketing/Communications
    • Information Technology
    • Retail Business Solution/PMO
    • Production Operations
    • Graphics
    • Accounting/Finance
    • Human Resources/Training

    Recent college graduates are in for a treat; Valpak employees receive 401(K) with company match, medical and dental insurance, mail order prescriptions, life insurance, paid sick/personal time, and paid holidays. These incentives are running short due to today’s economy thus it is another reason to consider Valpak as the starting point of your career. Aside from the amazing benefits offered, recent college grads have an opportunity for Career Development and Tuition Assistance if they are interested in pursuing higher degrees.
    Recent college grads and students interested in pursing a sales career with Valpak can apply here. The opportunities are there and over 200 markets available in the US.
    Valpak pursues business-savvy potentials that are willing to search for opportunities in their chosen markets. As a Valpak professional, your performance enhances financial awards and incentives.Valpak expects its employees to ‘go for the gold’ by applying their skills, knowledge, and experience into their position. You will never have a boring day or a ‘routine’ because your career is ever changing with the advertising industry. You can expect challenges, rewards, and advancement with Valpak. Recent grads are considered a valuable asset at Valpak because grads can add a fresh perspective to their company. With driven ambitions, your career choice is promising.
    If you like independence, flexibility, and challenges, Valpak has the perfect career opportunities waiting for you. Recent grads and students can tap into the unlimited benefits offered through Valpak’s competitive base salaries plus commission through their advertising careers. New recruits are given paid training and mentorship throughout their careers.
    Interested in working with an innovative and continuing company? Valpak’s innovation has lasted for over 40 years and counting. If this does not impress you, imagine working with a team of successful individuals always searching for the next challenge.

  • Entry Level Computer Programmer Careers

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    Do you love computers? Can you create programs to make someone’s work easier? If so, computer programming is a promising career option to test your skills against the best. Computer programmers are the brains behind the latest technologies launched by giants Microsoft and your favorite search engine, Google. As a computer programmer, you can have a career if you know how to market your qualifications. Breaking into the IT field requires an understanding of typical backgrounds of computer programmers then creating an individual career path based on your needs. I think you will have a better understanding of what you are trying to accomplish after reviewing our short article on computer programmer careers.
    Computer Programmer Skills
    A computer programmer needs analytical and creative thinking skills necessary to create functional programs. Other skills include strong problem solving, technical, and communication skills to discuss program designs with other members of the programming team. Without these skills, the programmer’s ideas are often abstract and incomprehensible to others. Employers prefer these skills with proper certifications and experience to add exceptional entry level talent to their teams.
    Experience and Education
    Companies want individuals with certifications and experience to work with their customers. If you are still working on your education, you can launch a computer programmer career as an IT consultant. You can start a computer programmer career after the proper education requirements of a two year or four-year college degree. Employers interested in hiring computer programmers require the above prerequisites to feel confident in their decisions. The student with an impressive portfolio of programs, references, and skill set is sure to find a great entry level job.
    Remember, a computer programmer career requires on-going education because the industry changes often. The computer programmer with an invaluable skill set is sure to find employment or develop a part-time practice of their own. All they need to do is understand what a customer needs and how they can provide it through their skill.

  • Internal Revenue Service

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    In 1862, President Lincoln created a commissioner of Internal Revenue position that enforced an income tax on citizens to pay for the Civil War costs. The need of tax compliance rose as unconstitutional in 1872 when it was repealed. In 1913, the 16th Amendment revived the income tax needs in which the first 1040 form was issued to citizens. By 1998, the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act allowed the IRS to model itself to fit the needs of its consumers. Now, the Internal Revenue Service is depended on to enforce tax income laws.
    The Internal Revenue Service is a national bureau of the Department of the Treasury. Its reputation as one of the world’s most efficient tax administrators aligns from its history of great accuracy in customer needs. Professionals associated with the Internal Revenue Service work from the core values of integrity, accountability, accuracy, respect, professionalism, and partnering. Recent college grads interested in pursing an entry level job or internship with this company will need sharp eyes on details.
    The IRS’ internship program is conducted by the Large and Mid-Size Business Division (LMSB) with assets greater than $10 million. Students must be enrolled in a master’s program as an accounting concentration with a 3.0 minimum GPA as well as other requirements.
    The possibilities are endless with an IRS career. Future IRS professionals are ensured of job security; chance to work with the nation’s top tax professionals, diversity, and professional development.
    The IRS career is suitable for individuals for with an eye for detail. The professionals of the IRS come from diverse backgrounds with exceptional experiences that add to their positions. Recent grads with the same ambitions to accommodate customer needs and collect revenues will find the IRS a perfect match.
    Interested in pursuing a career with the Internal Revenue Service? Students studying Accounting & Finance Business Management, Computer Science, Network Administration & Security, and Paralegals are great potential candidates of the nation’s leader in tax administration.
    The grads of the above fields can find entry level positions:
    *Business and Finance
    *Clerical Positions
    *Human Resources
    *Information Technology
    *Law Enforcement
    *Research & Analysis
    *Tax Law
    The country’s needs of internal revenue will continue to rise as the economy changes. Students interested in job security, personal benefits, and life-long development will find the IRS the best company to have a career.

  • Letter of References: True Testimonials of Character & Employability


    If you are looking for an entry level position without a letter of references, you may be following a lost trend. Recent grads with hopes of entering the workforce need to consider the importance of their letter of reference. Employers use the letters as testimonials of character and employability. With the right letter at hand, recruiters can decide if you are the right person to call for an interview.
    Testimonial of Character
    Former employers’ letter of references can qualify you for entry level positions in your desired industry. Recruiters who review letters of references often judge a candidate by former employer’s discussions of their work ethics. Recruiters find the letter of reference a real testimonial of character regarding a candidate’s dependability, professionalism, and future objectives in business. In the letters, old references can help with your qualifications for an entry level position; stay in touch with your network to ensure it is okay to use their recommendations for your job search.

    Distinction from Competitors

    The grads of 2008 are launching their job searches right now. They will have portfolios (or e-portfolios), resumes, and letters of references prepared for their job hunting. What will you have to compete? Your letter of references can distinguish you from your competition. Recruiters prefer details of profits, professional development, and ambitions of prospective candidates. If you want the job, you need to use your past achievements as basis for future growth in your industry.
    The true importance of a letter of reference lies in the heart of the reader. Some recruiters may consider the letter a true testimonial of character while others will never read it. Recent grads with portfolios (and/or e-portfolios) are sure to receive a moment of a recruiter’s time if their letter can make a standing ovation from their previous success.

  • What Belongs In Gen Y Benefit Packages?

    May 15, 2008 by

    Employers interested in top talent are introducing competitive benefit packages. As a new wave of talent enters the market, more employers are switching methods of recruitment by including telecommute, educational, and professional development opportunities. The biggest concerns of recent grads lie within the health sectors – health care’s expenses have risen beyond payable conditions in today’s society. Now, students want more health benefits to accompany their professional accommodations. As an employer, what steps are you taking to attract talent with your benefit packages?
    Yesterday’s Benefit Packages
    The 401K, stock options, and health benefits were strong attractions ten years ago. Today, students want more benefits to keep them at an organization. With the needs of higher education for promotions, Gen Y expects employers to pay for their educational development while employed at their organizations. These new additions resulted in partnerships with educational institutions and professional organizations. Now, the common Gen Y has an option to acquire vital skills necessary for long-term employment at their organizations.
    Making It Work For Gen Y
    Employers with the most to offer will land the perfect candidate to fill their positions. If employers position themselves as leaders in job satisfaction, they will acquire the most talented candidates in the market. Employer’s retention rates of Gen Y continue to fluctuate, but the smarter employers stay abreast of new recruiting trends in their industries. Make it work for Gen Y; as a recruiter, prove that your organization deserves the attention of top talent. Take the initiative to recruit students willing to work with the entry level salary, benefits, and advancement opportunities offered by your company.
    Recruiters attracting Gen Y proves it is not easy to keep their attention with benefit packages. The needs of new grads will continue to change until the economy stabilizes. With the right combination of recruiting efforts and benefit packages, top employers will retain top talent.

  • Life Adjustments for Recent Grads: Living on an Entry Level Salary during Recession


    In the light of the recession, recent grads with entry level salaries are experiencing hard hits. Their salaries barely pay the bills, gas prices continue to rise, and employers are struggling to keep them with other employment perks. In reality, the grad can make life adjustments to suit the recession by making the choice to change.
    Cut Excessive Spending
    If you party every week, the money adds up at the end of the month. Smart grads budget their income by identifying needs and wants. Do you want to spend your last dollar out with your friends? Is it worth it if your phone bill is due Tuesday morning? This recession is nothing to fear, but you have to know your way around the system. Your entry level salary should be used to keep your life in order so think of the consequences from excessive spending on the weekends.
    Get A Part-Time Job
    Need an additional stream of income? Get a part-time job for the weekends or after hours of your workday. Recent grads with one full-time job and part-time job have extra responsibilities, but earn additional money to pay their bills on time. Do not overwork yourself at your part-time job because you need energy for your full-time position. If you do not want to apply for a part-time position, find a way to sell your services to others.
    Identifying the best place to work is one step to adjusting to the costly effects of a recession. Grads can survive on an entry level salary by getting a part-time job and cutting excessive spending. Taking care of these two steps can save you a huge headache when your bills are due Tuesday. Remember, the recession exists but you do not have to change everything about your life to live comfortably.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car

    May 13, 2008 by

    In 1957, Jack Taylor worked hard to lease cars while the automotive industry boomed of new sales. His ambition led him to open his own business, Executive Leasing, in his home basement. He envisioned a company that leased cars to executives and families whom vehicles were in the car shop. To his avail, his ambitious attitude created an amazing company, Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Jack Taylor’s developments moved Enterprise Rent-A-Car into a world-class company with over 53,000 employees nationwide.
    With over 5,500 locations available throughout the US, Enterprise Rent-A-Car can place students in the driver seat of an outstanding career. Recent college grads and students with entrepreneurial spirits will find their Pay for Performance methodology challenging. Jack Taylor’s philosophy to perform the best services possible has led the company to recognition:
    1997: Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year
    1999: 100 Best Companies To Work For
    2002: Highest Rank In Customer Satisfaction
    Enterprise Rent-A-Car is more than a car leasing business these days. The company has outstanding talent ensuring the Jack Taylor philosophy lives on.
    Students interested in Enterprise’s Internship Program will consider it a “MBA without an IOU” as most interns call the program. Interns find the vigorous training on company history a factor in their success at the company.
    If you are looking for entry level jobs and internships, Enterprise is the next stop for building an outstanding understanding of business management. The Jack Taylor way includes superior customer service, organizational skills, inventory control, generating profits, and networking.
    Employment opportunities available for students include:
    *Information Systems
    *Shared Services Division
    Exceptional candidates are given an opportunity to pursue upper management positions in the company. The right idea and effort is enough to lead you on the path of a successful career with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. As a top employer of entry level jobs of 2008, the outlook is wonderful for students interested in an ‘enterprising’ career.

  • What is Success?


    Everyone speaks about the definition of success. According to Encarta, “success” is defined as (1) achievement of intention, (2) attainment of fame, wealth, or power, and (3) something that turns out well. The idea of success runs through the minds of Gen Y as they follow their dreams to become successful in their careers. Recent college grads and students interested in internships and entry level positions must create a personal definition of success before accomplishing their goals. You can achieve personal success by focusing on your goals and giving back to your community.
    Focus on Your Goals
    You must have realistic goals in order to move forward in your career. Focusing on your goals could relieve the stress of wandering idle throughout college. Unfortunately, some freshmen believe college will last forever and it will not. As a recent college grad, it is your responsibility to create goal you want to accomplish. The goal has to be yours, personally. Does success mean family, financial security, or friends? Colleagues you can trust? What is success to you? Focus on your goals in order to find the best route for you to take in your college studies and career.
    Give Back to Your Community
    You are not alone. You can not achieve success alone (in most cases). It is fine to focus on yourself in the beginning, but remember who is involved. If you have a major achievement, others will be a part of it. Take time to thank the important people who help you achieve your goals by supporting you. The emotional support given from your community and family is the steam pushing you towards your dreams. Everyone needs to know and practice the act of public service. Without the public, a lot of important individuals would not have made it.