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Top careers for LGBTQ+ job seekers

Shelby Konkel
Krista Sinclair (Guest Author)
February 7, 2023

If you’re a student or job seeker who identifies as LGBTQ+, you might consider incorporating it into your search for a fulfilling career. Representation of LGBTQ+ people is sorely lacking in many areas of the workforce. But in certain industries, specialties, and roles, being a member of the LGBTQ community might increase your chances of getting hired and even becoming a force for positive change. 

Top careers for LGBTQ+ job seekers:

Marketing and Communications

Some industries value diversity more than others, especially those whose bottom line relies on diverse consumers. A prime example of this is marketing and communications. Organizations of all sizes need communication specialists, such as marketing professionals, who can tailor their messaging to appeal to people from different backgrounds. 

That’s good news for LGBTQ marketing and communications students embarking on their professional careers. In fact, according to a recent Clarify Capital study, 19% of small to midsize businesses are currently looking for marketing specialists and managers, so this could be a great place to start if you have those skills. 

Human Resources

Human resources (HR) can also be a good place to start if you’re looking for a job where your unique background as an LGBTQ person might come in handy. Similar to marketing, HR roles rely heavily on communication skills as they tend to involve hiring and training employees and ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed throughout their time with the company.

Your diverse perspective can be a valuable asset in HR, helping you meet the needs of employees with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and needs of their own. Plus, Clarify Capital’s study found that 23% of American small and midsize companies are searching for HR managers, and 11% are looking for HR personnel. That means a job search for HR roles could be a viable starting point if you’re interested in working with and helping people from day to day. 

Management Roles

Marketing, communications, and HR roles aren’t the only ones where LGBTQ individuals could broaden a company’s perspective. LGBTQ representation in the workforce is unfortunately low across the board, but especially at senior levels. But companies with a growth mindset and hiring managers who understand the significance of this disparity might be interested in fostering a diverse workforce to combat it.

Because of this, LGBTQ candidates looking to get their foot in the door and rise through the ranks of an admirable company should seek out innovative employers who share their values. Plenty of small to midsize American businesses are looking for managers right now — especially project managers (37%) and product managers (26%), according to Clarify Capital — so don’t hesitate to tally up all your work experience and academic career milestones and aim high.

Finding LGBTQ-friendly Jobs

So, how do you find employers who are looking for LGBTQ+ candidates? When searching for jobs online, try using search terms like “LGBTQ” combined with words like “advocacy,” “diversity,” “inclusive,” and “equality.” Companies that value these things will likely include them in their job postings. If you identify as LGBTQ or similar, you might feel comfortable saying so in your resume, application, or cover letter. 

Whether or not you choose to disclose that personal information, you might consider at least including your preferred pronouns, such as “she/her,” “he/him,” “they/them,” or whichever combination you prefer. This tells the hiring manager that you’re sensitive to diversity in the workplace. It also indicates that you respect others’ sense of identity and that you would appreciate the same respect.

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