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The most LGBTQ+ friendly industries, and what that means for job seeking

Ryan Wood
Sean Kelly (Guest Author)
June 28, 2021

Thankfully, there are many industries that have been found in recent years to be inclusive and welcoming towards members of the LGBTQ+ communities. As the world becomes more accepting, so does the workforce. That doesn’t mean there isn’t discrimination, though—and there is still a long way to go when it comes to laws and protections being in place that fully benefit the community. 

Being discriminated against at a job would deter anybody from pursuing similar employment in the future, but when you’ve invested your life into a career path it can be hard to imagine going in any other direction. That’s why it’s important to be aware up front of what fields and industries are most LGBTQ+ friendly.

With that said, which industries are most welcoming to LGBTQ+ employees? Interestingly enough, data has shown that the banking and financial industry seems to have the highest number of LGBTQ+ friendly companies. An HR Technologist report compiled data under very specific criteria: non-discrimination policies, equitable benefits for LGBTQ workers and their families, company internal education and accountability to promote LGBTQ inclusion, and companies’ public commitment to LGBTQ equality.

That criteria found that the banking and financial industries had nearly 70 LGBTQ+ friendly companies, with the insurance industry coming in second with 40 LGBTQ+ friendly companies. Perhaps most surprisingly, the entertainment industry was a bit lower on that list, despite on the surface being a welcoming industry. The education industry fell in last place on the HR Technologist list, with just five companies that were designated as LGBTQ+ friendly. 

This data is incredibly important for those seeking employment in a chosen field, because it shows not only where an LGBTQ+ employee might feel most comfortable, but also indicates where all employees who care about equality and equity in the workplace can go. For many, the workplace is as much about equal and just treatment for themselves and their co-workers as it is about doing their job effectively. If the workplace isn’t a fair and equal place to work, work cannot be done to the highest standards.

With diversity becoming more and more crucial across all industries, having an understanding of where you, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, will be most welcome and at the lowest possible risk for discrimination is essential. The question remains, though: should this information factor into your career path? This comes down to what you feel is best for you. If you’re searching for an industry that seems like the best fit for you, that industry’s practices and policies overall will be important factors to consider before taking the leap into a new world.

If you have your mind set on an industry that may not be as historically accepting as you’d hoped, it shouldn’t always deter you from moving forward. Keep your eyes on your goals, know your worth, and as always, know your rights. You can help be a catalyst for positive change in an otherwise problematic field if you have the determination to do so. Ultimately, your path forward is yours and yours alone, and you should always do what’s best for you. 

— Article by Sean Kelly, an analyst researching the latest industry trends for College Recruiter

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