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5 ways to drive more candidate traffic to your job search website

Steven Rothberg AvatarSteven Rothberg
April 22, 2022

What good is a job board if you can’t drive to it the right candidate traffic? You don’t want your job board to resembly a ghost town. Rather, you want a growing hub where you successfully connect employers with candidates, preferably at scale. And that takes strategy on all fronts.

Successful job boards drive candidate traffic to their sites and the jobs posted them in a variety of ways. There is no such thing as one successful strategy. Instead, you’re going to want to employ (pun intended) a variety of tactics. Here are five of the most popular:

# 1: Identify Your Job Board’s True Value Proposition

What does your job board do better than anyone else? That’s your value proposition, and it’s more than just a slogan or mission declaration.

Some value proposal quick stats:

NorTech CEO, Rebecca O. Bagley, writing for Forbes, states the declaration needs to be compelling, and it needs to develop prior to anything else can progress. And she’s got a tried-and-true prepare for composing one.

How can your worth proposition tank before it gets off the ground? Take the “I, me, my” approach, and you’ll find out. The real value isn’t what your creative muse thinks is incredible, it’s what your audience believes is fantastic.

  • Turn that around, and it’s the secret sauce the very best job boards have.
    45 percent use a different targeted message for different consumer personalities
  • 56 percent spell out why their company is much better
  • 71 percent of services promote user benefit
  • A mere 20 percent carry out screening to see if the value proposition really works

Start-up mentor, Eric T. Wagner, writes at Forbes that a value proposal (or do not have thereof) is accountable for the leading # 2 and # 3 reasons that an organization’s method flops.

A worth proposal declaration launches you in the ideal marketing direction. At least if it’s done. If not, you might as well yell into the wind.

How to build a worth proposal statement in four simple actions:

1. Note the job board advantages as you know them
2. Identify how those advantages are provided to the audience
3. Draw up those benefits on a 3-axis chart: Service, Technology & Cost
4. Compose the worth proposition declaration using the map as your guide

No job board is an island, a minimum of not one that rises to the top.

The statement and marketing instructions must be vibrant. They need to continually progress as you find out more about what motivates your target market and how better to provide what encourages them. For that, you require feedback.

# 2: Create and Share Exceptional Content

Out with the old, and in with the brand-new. Job board material marketing is towering over traditional marketing for one crucial factor: it works better. It has a more comprehensive reach to drive in more traffic on a consistent basis.

Material Marketing Institute (CMI) quick statistics:

  • A serious material marketing strategy produces nearly 8 times more site traffic than a website without it
  • Content expenses about 68 percent less than conventional ads, and drives in triple the leads
  • 200 million individuals utilize advertisement blockers, but material marketing is immune
  • Conversion rates are 6 times higher with content marketing

That sounds terrific! Where can you register? Wait … what is content marketing? It’s a method that:

  • Engages the target market
  • Develops important, appropriate details that the target audience desires
  • Speaks the language of the audience
  • Distributes information through channels that find the right people
  • Makes it easy to share and take action
  • Content take down the barrier in between the job board brand and its target audience. Because it provides more than just a job, it changes a single-use portal into a magnetic destination.

Naturally, there’s a caution. The Job Board Doctor states a “cognitive harshness grows” if the job board content customer experience does not mesh with the pledge. If your worth message provides the moon and stars, it has to provide.

What is excellent content? Something that matters to the audience, even if it doesn’t relate straight to the job board. And according to CMI, it has 5 easy earmarks.

1. Easy to find
2. Easy to consume
3. Easy to relate and understand to
4. Easy to act upon
5. Easy to share

Similar to a superhero, content is all over and it’s on a mission. And if you want the complete benefit, embed your job board into the content. Make it much easier to discover and share, not harder.

What type of content gets discovered and shared?

  • Information-packed post
  • Relevant material from other websites
  • Clever podcasts
  • Smart infographics
  • Entertaining videos
  • An excellent career website landing page

With all of that material, you need a place to send it out to the world. That’s what social media is for.

# 3: Use Social Media With a Strategy

What’s much better than an organic search? Social media. It just works if you take it seriously. SEO is so 1990s, and social has actually become a sleeper hit.

Going forward, use your Google Analytics or other such software to determine what is and what is not working. You may be surprised that job seeker traffic converts into applications at different rates depending on the time of the day, day of the week, time of the month, and seasons in the year. .

# 4: Keep Traffic Engaged With E-Mail Marketing

Believe e-mail marketing to drive job board traffic is a distant memory? Then you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s more effective than Facebook and Twitter…combined!

McKinsey Research E-mail marketing quick stats:

  • E-mail use dropped about 20 percent between 2008 and 2012. Now, the crucial focus is the complete “consumer’s choice journey,” and not simply the e-mail look and content.
  • 45 percent of marketing e-mails are opened through mobile.
  • 91 percent of Americans use e-mail daily
  • E-mail-referred candidates are 17 percent more likely to convert into applicants
  • E-mail is 40 percent more efficient than Facebook and Twitter integrated at drawing in brand-new consumers
  • 40 percent of users turn to a competitor after a poor mobile email experience

McKinsey’s research study says it’s “significantly more efficient” at attracting new potential customers than the most popular social networks marketing platforms. And when a possibility clicks through from an email, they’re more likely to transform than people who arrive from a social networks referral.

McKinsey’s pointers for a better email marketing technique:

When it comes to timing, too much of a good thing is excessive. No one likes investing a part of the day erasing emails wholesale. DMA states half of customers want weekly– not daily– marketing emails.

According to Data and Marketing Association (DMA), it doesn’t matter if you have the right name and email address obtained from the consumer’s last visit to your site. If they don’t engage with the message, the company notices. Ultimately, they’ll path every message to the spam folder.

  • Use the e-mail as step-one in the consumer journey
  • Leverage user information to figure out which e-mail campaigns perform or flop
  • Refer e-mails to custom landing pages and get 25 percent more conversions
  • Optimize the entire customer journey for mobile users
  • Send individualized messages, not generic ones, using user information
    The ideal message at the correct time with an e-mail-dedicated landing page. That brings your job board more traffic.
  • E-mail service providers are more sophisticated now. Message customization is even more important. And e-mail timing is critical.

# 5: Work With a Job Board Aggregator

How do you do that? Contact sites like College Recruiter to see if they’re prepared to either scrape from your site the jobs for which you desire more traffic or get a feed of those jobs from you. Usually, job aggregator sites will run your jobs and charge you just when one of their prospects sees the job and clicks to go to your website to, ideally, use. You’ll pay each time among those candidates clicks to your website. Simply put, you’re purchasing the marketing on a cost-per-click or CPC basis.

Beware when you’re buying traffic from aggregators due to the fact that some provide premium candidate traffic, suggesting the candidates are likely and real to apply to the jobs. Others will put your job in front of every candidate they can and not fret about whether that prospect is likely to be certified and interested. All these lower quality aggregators care about is whether the prospect clicks to your site. Even worse are the scam attire that will send non-human traffic to your website, which is typically described as bot traffic. Ethical websites such as College Recruiter only charge for legitimate clicks, indicating no bot, foreign, latent, or duplicate clicks.

Many will argue that buying candidate traffic from another job board or job board aggregator is a bad strategy because that traffic ceases the moment that you stop buying it. That may be true, but so is the opposite: it starts the moment you start buying it. And traffic acquired through search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t free unless you’re somehow not going to invest any staff hours into the effort…and you’re going to invest a lot and you’ll need to continue to invest a lot.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Think of SEO as you would growing your own vegetables: they may cost you less in the long run but if you want to eat today, tomorrow, or even next week then you can’t wait for those vegetables to grow and you can’t risk the possibility of them dying due to disease, drought, or some other disaster. Buying traffic from an aggregator does not preclude you from investing in SEO just as buying vegetables at a grocery store does not preclude you from also growing some in your garden.

Want quick outcomes? Then you want a job board aggregator for an instant traffic increase with very little effort.

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