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How do I use College Recruiter to find a job?
How do I send my resume to you?

We're not a placement agency so we don't match up candidates with employment opportunities. We're a job board so candidates should first run a search for internships or entry level jobs which are of interest to them. Then, apply to each job for which you're qualified by clicking on the apply button above or below the job posting ad (on-line help wanted ad).

I applied for a job on College Recruiter but was then told that I was registered. I didn't want to register because I only want my resume to go to certain employers.

We were the first major job board to stop selling resume bank access in order to protect the privacy and security of the candidates using our site. You may wish to adjust your user settings to hide your profile, change what messages you receive, or even inactivate your profile if you wish, but keep in mind that we do not sell resume searching to employers or anyone else.

I tried to apply to a job but received an error message saying the job is no longer available.

Employers typically post jobs to run for 30 days on College Recruiter. When those 30 days expire or if the employer inactivates the posting earlier then you'll be unable to apply to that job opening. Go back to the search results and look for other jobs which are similar or perhaps even better and apply to them.

I'm an employer and want to advertise our job openings on College Recruiter. Is there a fee?

Yes, there's a fee to post job openings to our premium job board, run banner ads, or have us deliver on your behalf a targeted email to our 100 percent, double opt-in database. We offer a number of tools for employers with small, medium, or large hiring needs on our Employer Advertising Options page.

I found abusive content or a bug on College Recruiter. How do I report it so that it can be removed?

Fortunately, we don't have many of these issues but with hundreds of thousands of users some issues do occur and we try our hardest to fix them as soon as we become aware of them. So by reporting these issues, you're helping us keep our site clean and well functioning for you, your friends, and others. To report an issue, please use the Contact Us form on this page.

I need your postal address and phone number.

You'll likely get the most informative and fastest response by using the form to the right, but we can also be reached at:

College Recruiter
3109 W 50 St Ste 121
Minneapolis, MN 55410-2102
United States of America

You can also reach us by phone by calling 952-848-2211.

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