McKinsey & Company Voted #9 in Best Places to Work Survey

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McKinsey & CompanyIt is important to most of us that we enjoy our work but difficult to know when you’re looking for a job whether we’ll be happier working for one employer versus another. A great way to know if an employer offers a great place to work is to ask the people who know the organizations best — their employees. For the past seven years, Glassdoor has awarded its Employees’ Choice Awards to honor the 50 best places to work.  For 2015, the ninth best place to work was McKinsey & Company.

Companies in need of management consulting may be interested in McKinsey & Company, which is named after the original founder, James McKinsey.  A global management consultant company, McKinsey analyzes information from a qualitative and quantitative point of view when evaluating decisions it makes concerning management.  McKinsey is recognized as the most respected management consultancy firm and consults about 80% of the largest businesses worldwide.  Following Mr. McKinsey, the modern day founder of the firm, Marvin Bower, created a company culture and practices with principles he obtained while practicing law.  In addition, McKinsey became the first company in the management consultancy industry to employ recent college graduates instead of managers with experience.

Why work at McKinsey & Company?  You will be part of a team who focuses on solving the challenges their clients face.  This includes doing projects that will improve your skill set and allow you to follow your passion.  McKinsey also values diversity and inclusion.  The company believes that difference is a strength and offers opportunities that give all employees a chance for career success.  You can grow with the firm too through training and learning, coaching and mentorship, and working in collaborative teams.

For recent college graduates and other job seekers interested in finding a job at McKinsey & Company, they can explore the following career areas:

  • Consulting
  • Research & Analytics
  • Digital & Data Services
  • Internal Services

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