Best Places to Work

We all know that some places of employment are better than others, although sometimes one organization is better for one person and another organization is better for another.

An organization may not be the absolute best place to work for you yet it may be a very good place to work. But how do you know? Do you trust what the employer says about itself? Do you trust only the opinions of ex-employees, many of whom may be disgruntled. Do you trust only the opinions of current employees, none of whom may share your goals? Do you trust the opinions of a journalist or researcher who has never actually worked for the organization?

At College Recruiter, we're passionate not only about the candidate experience but also about the employee experience. We want every recent graduate searching for an entry-level job and student hunting for an internship to have a great experience while they're a candidate and we want those people to land jobs which are rewarding to them and for those people to do work which benefits their employer and community.

One way of determining if an organization provides a great place to work is to look at what its current and past employees say about it. Don't put too much faith into too much about what one person says but if you keep seeing the same comments over and over again then you probably want to pay attention to that feedback. If virtually every current and past employee highly ranks the CEO then she's probably a great CEO. If virtually every current and past employee complains about how much they're paid then it is probably safe to assume that the organization underpays its employees.

So what are best places to work? There are many but we've taken the time to highlight dozens of the best places to work.

Know of any other great places to work? Let us know!