Account Specialist LTD (12 mo with benefits)

Purpose:   Provide excellent service to our customers and assigned management and sales personnel by timely analysis and communication, accurate information concerning orders, driving resolution to order issues and facilitate proactive problem solving.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Analyze and manage customer orders, including EDI transmissions, to ensure necessary information needed is provided.  Must coordinate with internal process owners to verify size scale, inventory, pricing/discounts, art issues and confirm order has accurate ship/cancel dates.  Works directly with sales rep/key account and internal departments to resolve any problems that are encountered.
  • Evaluate open orders and resolve issues to ensure they are in a workable status.  Must work Problem Order Log (see attached procedure) at least twice a month.  This will identify potential problems (ie. art issues, stock issues or scheduling problems) that would prohibit on time delivery to the customer.  Works directly with the sales rep/customer and internal departments to get problems resolved and get orders into a workable status.
  • Manage order deadlines.  This will include having complete knowledge of all deadlines (booking, Code Blue, Hot Market etc.) and ensuring all orders have been received, obstacles have been removed and entered by those deadlines.
  • Maintain collateral updates in a timely manner.  This will ensure that all information in your catalogs is current allowing for accurate directives to sales team and customers.
  • Adhere to the Authorization Matrix, by ensuring proper approvals are obtained and documentation is received for returns, cancellations and price/freight concessions.
  • Identify potential order issues and work proactively to quickly solve the problems.  Manage the customer’s expectation and work to provide customer satisfaction.
  • Assisting sales reps and customers.  This would include, but not be limited to, expediting orders, confirming the status of an order, answering questions and assisting sales reps when they are traveling.
  • Engage with DISTOPS to ensure orders are shipping to meet promised customer service levels.  CS is the voice of the key account in our building.  They must respond to inquiries within 24 hours and push to meet customer expectation. 
  • Communicate effectively via phone and email.  Must be extremely professional and able to handle stressful situations while remaining calm.
  • Evaluate customer’s orders relative to financial considerations and business risk.  Rework where necessary to comply with credit line limits.
  • Research chargeback issues that are related to their assigned accounts.  Supply any support documentation, to SLD claims personnel, that would help SLD accurately approve or deny a potential chargeback issued by our customers.
  • Manage commit orders and ensures they are converted into “real” orders in the agreed upon time frame for authorized commit accounts.  Also, engage Order Fulfillment to manage the “flipping” of inventory from the commit to the real order.
  • Research RA requests and orchestrate required approvals, as appropriate, for their assigned territory.  Goal is to process and reply to key account in less than 72 hours.  This includes researching the reason for the return and using the authorization matrix to obtain proper approvals.
  • Handle a high level of stress while remaining level headed and able to solve the issues at hand.   Must be able to address questions/concerns from their key accounts/sales reps while also being the point of contact for any DISTOPS questions or issues.
  • Maintain and evaluate daily reports (MO/PO Report, Art Tracking Report, Below Minimum Report etc.) to resolve issues that could prohibit the order from shipping on time.
  • Apply knowledge in all aspects of customer compliance.  This ensures orders are entered accurately and to avoid possible chargebacks for non-compliance.  System does not always support adherence to customer compliance, so manual intervention by the CSR is necessary in order to ship accurately.
  • Coordinate and oversee all aspects of their assigned accounts.


Key Relationships: 

  • Other customer service personnel
  • Sales management
  • Sales reps
  • Key accounts/buyers
  • Internal departments such as Order Fulfillment, Production Art, Distribution, Supply Chain, Finance and Sales Management.


Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent written/verbal communication. 
  • Develop and utilize business judgment to make decisions
  • Professional phone manner/Customer Service is the voice of the company
  • Ability to multitask a must
  • Works well under pressure
  • Computer knowledge required (includes Word and Excel)
  • Problem solving skills a must
  • Must be extremely organized
  • Ability to understand the bigger business picture
  • Business system inadequacies require major abilities to research, manage and effectively engage personnel.
  • Able to be persistent balanced with a team attitude (politically savvy)


Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications: 

  • College Degree preferred (with limited business experience)
  • High School Diploma (with extensive sales/customer service experience)
  • 3-5 years sales/customer service experience recommended
Full time
Indianapolis, Indiana 46219, US