Data Analytics Intern/Junior

Startup Analytics company seeking a data ninja to geek out with IT stuff and solve our client's problems. If your closest friends would agree that the below list describes you, then you'd probably be a good fit. The more it describes you, the better the fit. Read on, prospective ninja.

[In no particular order]
You'll be a good fit for this role if...

  • You generally like math and tend to think logically/methodically
  • You often teach yourself how to do stuff by researching it on the internet
  • You can actually pull off the stuff that you've learned how to do on the internet
  • You're "IT Support" for your friends/family/teachers/etc.
  • You're super organized, sometimes to a fault
  • You can [generally] explain what an algorithm does
  • You're mildly obsessive about details
  • You're mildly obsessive about details
  • It actually annoys you that the line above is repeated
  • You find personal satisfaction solving problems
  • You're not really into being the center of attention or public acknowledgement
  • You're at least "ok" with speaking in front of groups (you don't have to be super excited about it)
  • You have a list of things you want to do in life, even if you've never written it down or even talked to anyone about it
  • You enjoy the company of others but sometimes it's draining
  • You're sometimes obsessed with understanding why everything works the way it does
  • Your brain never stops running
  • It bugs you when you can't figure something out
  • One or more of your hobbies is creative in nature (music/art/video/etc.)
  • You're a decent tutor/teacher/explainer of complex things
  • You're full of mostly useless knowledge that sometimes winds up being useful
  • Your friends would definitely chuckle at the line above
  • Your ability to focus (and stay focused) on tasks is above average
  • You don't say "can't" very often and generally think lots of stuff is possible if you put some effort into it
  • You are often referred to as "weird" (or something similar) but in a good, geeky kind of cool-nerd-runs-the-world kind of way
  • You excel in topics that involve a high degree of both artistic creativity as well as technical knowledge
  • On most days, you'd prefer to geek out on something rather than sit around being bored
  • One of more of your hobbies is technical in nature (cars/drones/sensors/etc.)
  • You're likable and liked by most, but you've never wanted to be the class president or some other highly sociable role
  • You enjoy designing/engineering/creating things
  • It generally makes you feel good helping people
  • You played some kind of competitive sport as a kid
  • You wonder how boring life would be without Google/The internet
  • Inefficient things annoy you
  • You have too many projects and not enough time for them all
  • You can mentally visualize arbitrary topics and concepts

As the Data Analytics Intern, you'll work directly with the Senior Analytics Consultant supporting various clients. You'll be mentored on a daily basis regarding every aspect of this role, to include technical approaches to analytics, best practices with business systems, query development and logic, building data models, designing and aligning metrics to outcomes, creating and managing algorithms, but also more broad topics such as how certain business models operate, the nature of each industry that our clients are in (which is broad), and how what you're doing brings value to their business (the key to any consultancy being successful). 

Understanding expectations is important to your success in any role. In this role, you'll be expected to...

  • Problem solve - use your creative abilities to generate ideas on how to solve a problem and never give up until solved
  • Focus - writing or debugging complex code requires attention and focus - this job is not for the "ADD types" or those that struggle working on one task for a long time
  • Attention to detail - there are many nuances to watch out for when designing and creating a system; having a keen eye on details will make or break your solution (and our reputation)
  • Attend in-person meetings with clients every so often (Northern Virginia area - Chantilly, Reston, McLean, etc.)
  • Work remotely and communicate across multiple digital platforms (e-mail, G-chat, Skype, whatever) with both the Senior Consultant and our clients
  • Work independently and complete tasks when they're due
  • Ask questions but attempt to figure things out when you don't understand
  • Self-teach yourself how to use different analytical software platforms by searching the internet for tutorials, watching videos, reading help files and documentation, browsing tech forums and groups for answers, etc. 
  • Interact and communicate with our clients professionally
  • Research topics, applications, principles or other concepts as needed. Once research has been exhausted, bring questions to the senior consultant for discussion (mentoring and learning is a two-way street - the senior consultant will mentor you, but you also need to invest time in yourself learning on your own - it's a key behavior of successful people in modern business)
  • ask questions about what you don't understand

This job has a lot of flexibility in terms of total hours per week as well as overall longevity. While it's an internship, it doesn't have to end when it's time to go back to school (unless you want it to of course) - most work can be done remotely. Our clients are keeping us very busy right now and there looks to be a lot of work in the future so there's even potential it could turn into a full-time position later on.

Please be in touch with questions and this description will be updated accordingly.

Note: Fairfax Va is being used for location recruiting purposes because most of our clients are located in and around Fairfax. Our staff all work remotely but visit client locations regularly.

Related Keywords: Data Science, Tableau, R, Python, Excel, Access, relational database, OBIA, OBIEE, Oracle, Taleo, Costpoint, Deltek, ADP, Workday, Software Development, User Interface, 

Adaptalytics, LLC
18.00 per Hour
Aerospace/Aviation/Defense, Computers, Software, Consulting Services, Finance/Economics, Information Technology
Edinburg, Virginia 22824, US

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