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Bandmaster Details

Warrant officer bandmasters are responsible for the unit-level command and control of their bands.

Responsibilities include Uniform Code of Military Justice authority, administration, operations, training and supply.

Band commanders will advise higher echelon commanders on local band matters such as organization, operation, committing procedures, planning of training and facilities.

In addition, bandmasters:
  • Serve as the command subject matter expert on all matters pertaining to music
  • Advise senior commanders on the most effective way to employ the band's subordinate music support teams in support of operations
  • Appoint Army musicians to leadership and staff positions within the unit
  • Evaluate the physical and acoustical limitations of performance sites, length of the events supported and resources available
  • Determine the size and instrumentation of musical groups used in support of authorized commitments
  • Prepare annual budgets for the unit that include, at a minimum:
  • Funds to maintain and replace MTOE/CTA/TDA equipment and uniform items required for mission success
  • Procurement of expendable musical supplies, sheet music and recordings
  • Budget TDY travel for Army band officers, warrant officer bandmasters, the band senior sergeant and other band members to attend the annual Army Band Leaders Training, music clinics, seminars and other band-related events to ensure professional development of all unit personnel

  • Be SGT (P) or above serving in MOS 42
  • Be a graduate of the Advanced Leaders Course (ALC)
  • Have five years' experience in an Army Band in PMOS 42R
  • Have demonstrated potential for successful performance under minimal supervision as a musical ensemble leader, and experience working in Band Administration, Security, Operations, Supply or other additional duties
  • Have an Army School of Music audition score of 3.0 or higher in the past four years Have strong leadership potential and communication skills

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