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Ammunition Warrant Officer Details

The ammunition technician is a self-aware and adaptive technical expert, combat leader, trainer and advisor who is responsible for preparing and/or reviewing ammunition storage waivers; supervising and managing the Standard Army Ammunition System (SAAS) at all levels; and performing other company-grade officer-level duties as required/are essential to the unit mission. The ammunition technician investigates and reports conventional ammunition accidents, failures or malfunctions, as well as prepares, reviews and/or carries out operational plans in the ammunition storage areas of firefighting; emergency destruction; and physical security, explosive safety and transportation flow. The ammunition technician also directs and coordinates the following activities:
  • Accountability
  • Receipt
  • Storage
  • Issue
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Demilitarization of conventional ammunition, components, residue and unarmed training ammunition devices

These minimum prerequisites will not be waived.
  • Be a Sergeant (E-5).
  • Have five to six years' on-the-job experience in a feeder MOS validated by NCOERs.
  • OJE experience defined: specific (operations/logistic support) experience includes any position involving direct contact with equipment/commodity/electronics/repair; retail or wholesale munitions operations; and/or munitions management. Army National Guard, Army Reserve and civilian MOS-related experience will be taken into consideration. Evaluation reports documenting experience must describe specific MOS-related positions, duties and responsibilities performed, and must be commensurate with the rank of the Soldier. Primary positions (supply specialist, admin NCO, commander's driver, etc.) and primary duties/responsibilities (recruiting NCO, range safety NCO, company ammunition NCO, hazmat driver, etc.) which are not directly related to logistical operations, commensurate with the rank of the Soldier, do not qualify as on-the-job experience.
  • Must be an Advanced Leaders Course (ALC) graduate from a feeder MOS and meet Personnel Reliability Program requirements of AR 50-6. All phases/ERB must state ALC graduate, and all DA Form 1059s must be provided in the application.
  • Provide a copy of all NCOERs, which should reflect MOS proficiency in an ammunition supervisory capacity. Copies of NCOERs must be provided in hard copy.
  • Enclose a written recommendation from a senior warrant officer (CW3 and above) or from a warrant officer (WO) within the applicant's organization, who holds the WO MOS the applicant is applying for. In organizations where no WO in the correct MOS is available, a letter of recommendation from a senior WO in the correct MOS from a supporting ammunition unit can be substituted.

NOTE: Applicants not meeting the prerequisites listed on this page may still submit a warrant officer packet, but must submit a separate Request for Waiver for each prerequisite not met. Each Request for Waiver required must be a separate memorandum, signed by the applicant, providing rationale on why the applicant feels the particular waiver should be granted. No waivers will be granted for E-4 and below.

NOTE: Army National Guard programs and benefits are subject to change. Your local warrant officer recruiter has the most up-to-date information about job availability and bonuses in your state.