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Construction Engineering Technician Details

Serve across the broad spectrum of engineer operations in both operational and nonoperational units. Construction engineering technicians provide subject matter expertise throughout their careers to the commander and staff on matters relative to the following functions/tasks:
  • Supervising and coordinating construction of base camps and internment facilities in support of engineer construction operation
  • Supervising the construction, repair and maintenance of vertical infrastructure in engineer construction operations
  • Providing advice and technical assistance on all aspects of electrical power and distribution in support of military operations; supervising and managing separate teams performing theater prime power missions
  • Providing engineering support and expertise to Deployable Medical System (DEPMEDS) hospitals, utilizing organic equipment such as power generation equipment, environmental control systems, water, waste, fuel and electrical distribution systems; coordinating and supervising the installation and repair of water supply systems, plumbing, sewage, and heating and air conditioning systems
  • Planning, conducting, preparing and providing planning studies and tests for identified engineer work projects; addressing facility siting environmental concerns and estimated project costs as part of a survey and design detachment
  • Commanding survey and design as well as firefighting headquarters detachments
  • Serving as members of the engineer staff in MEBs as well as division and corps units
  • Developing training strategies, reviewing and writing doctrine, and presenting formal engineering instruction to officers, warrant officers and NCOs
  • Supervising the construction, repair and maintenance of horizontal roadway/foundation networks in engineer construction operations

120A MINIMUM PREREQUISITES (Army National Guard and Reserve):
  • Must be a sergeant (E-5) or above.
  • As of Oct. 1, 2014, 120A applicants will be required to have three semester hours of college algebra and three semester hours of college-level English (professional writing).
  • Must have a minimum of four years of documented experience in:
    • MOS 12H, 12K, 12N, 12P, 12Q, 12R, 12T or 12W, Air Force AFSC 3E0xx - Interior electrician, utilities, structural or engineering specialties;
    • Marines - 1169 Utilities Chief, 1361 Engineering Assistant, 1141 Electrician;
    • Navy - Builder (BU), Construction Electrician (CE), Utilitiesman (UT), Engineering Aid (EA).
  • NCOs must provide hard copies of all NCOERs/enlisted reports.
  • Recruiting, drill sergeant and other nontechnical duties are not considered field experience toward the three-year requirement.
  • Must be an Advanced Leader Course (ALC) graduate from a feeder MOS (waiverable based on documented leadership and technical performance in a feeder MOS in OEF/OIF). MOS 12T does not currently offer Phase 2 ALC; Phase 2 waived.
  • Must possess a minimum of one year of leadership experience (documented on an NCOER/enlisted report) in one of the following TOE/MTOE positions:
    • Construction Operations Sergeant, Construction Section Leader or Construction Squad Leader
    • Senior Technical Engineer NCO, Technical Engineer NCO or Reconnaissance Sergeant
    • Senior Power Station Mechanic, Electrician or Instrumentation Assistant Team Chief
    • Technical Inspector, Utilities Equipment Maintenance Manager or Shop Foreman
  • Must possess a sustained and demonstrated level of technical and leadership competency as supported by rater and senior rater comments on NCOERs.
  • Must have a letter of recommendation from a senior 120A (CW3-CW5). The letter must address your technical and tactical competence to perform in MOS 120A. For locations without senior 120A warrant officers, the proponent will accept letters of recommendation from senior warrant officers (CW3-CW5), regardless of branch. In conjunction with the senior warrant officer letter, the applicant must obtain a letter of recommendation from a junior 120A warrant officer. The junior 120A warrant officer letter will attest to the applicant's technical and tactical competency. Applicants may request a prerequisite waiver for the feeder MOS and apply based on three years of documented civilian experience (in the form of annual appraisals) related to MOS 120A, in lieu of any of the above primary feeder MOSs. Applicants should have two years of military leadership experience as a squad leader, platoon sergeant or section sergeant in their current MOS. Civilian engineering degrees and certifications related to MOS 120A will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, as part of the overall packet. These may be used to reduce the required years of military experience and allow for the waiver of ALC for applicants who do not have the required feeder MOS.

NOTE: Army National Guard programs and benefits are subject to change. Your local warrant officer recruiter has the most up-to-date information about job availability and bonuses in your state.