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Operating Room Specialist Details

The operating room specialist assists the nursing staff in preparing the patient and the operating room environment for surgery and for providing assistance to the medical staff during surgical procedures. They also operate the centralized material service and are responsible for preparing and maintaining sterile medical supplies and special equipment for medical treatment facilities.

  • Provide assistance to the medical staff during surgical procedures to include the creation and maintenance of sterile fields for surgical procedures
  • Assist in preparing patients and operating room environment for surgery
  • Perform various preoperative and postoperative procedures as directed; this does not include the manipulation of tissue (e.g., cutting, suturing, cannulating, grafting, sawing or drilling)
  • Responsible for the sterilization process, which includes inspecting, cleaning, assembling, warping and sterilizing equipment

Ten weeks of Basic Combat Training and 19 weeks of Advanced Individual Training, which includes on-the-job instruction.

Advanced Individual Training: 19 weeks at Fort Sam Houston, TX

Some of the skills you'll learn are:
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Basic nursing care
  • Knowledge of the human body
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Clinical laboratory procedures
  • Methods for diagnosing diseases

  • Interest in helping and caring for others
  • Ability to communicate effectively and work under stressful conditions
  • Interest in chemistry, biology, psychology, general science and algebra
  • High attention to detail

Skilled Technical (ST): 91

The skills you learn will help prepare you for a future with hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or rehabilitation centers. With an operating room specialist background, you may consider a career as a medical assistant, medication aide or physician assistant.

After completing your Advanced Individual Training as an operating room specialist, you may pursue certification as a certified surgical technologist.