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Field Artillery Targeting Technician Details

The field artillery warrant officer provides assistance and advice to the commander and staff on all matters relative to the employment of target acquisition assets and the Army's targeting methodology. This position also synchronizes and coordinates the Army's targeting process and joint fires at all echelons, as well as plans, organizes, implements, monitors and evaluates operations, threat environment, maintenance and advice on the technical/tactical employment of target acquisition sensors. Junior grades (W1 and W2) may serve as target acquisition platoon leaders or counterfire officers in fire battalions or target/EW integrators at Brigade Combat Team (BCT) HQ.

Senior warrant officers serve as:
  • W3: BCT Targeting Officers, Field Artillery Intelligence Officers (FAIO) in divisions and corps
  • W4: Corps FAIO, Corps Targeting Officers and Targeting Officers in a battlefield coordination detachment (BCD)
  • W5: Serve as corps and echelons above Corps Targeting Officers

MINIMUM PREREQUISITES (Army National Guard and Reserve)*
  • Be an SSG and above (not waiverable).
  • Be an Advanced Leader Course (ALC) graduate (not waiverable).
  • Hold MOS 13B, 13D, 13F, 13M, 13P, 13R, 13T, 11C; or Marine 08xx (with five years' experience in a feeder MOS).
  • Must have baseline scores of 110 for Field Artillery (FA) and Skilled Technical (ST).
  • Must have six (6) hours of English composition and three (3) hours of math (with a grade of C or higher) from an accredited college or university.
  • Must have two years' documented (NCOERs) section chief experience in feeder MOS (not waiverable).
  • The majority of NCOERs must reflect outstanding and exceptional duty performance ratings noted with "Among the Best" ratings by the rater and "Successful" and "Superior" ratings by the senior rater.
  • Must be fully deployable, able to meet all physical requirements in accordance with AR 40-501, be able to take and pass an approved APFT in accordance with FM 21-20, and meet height/weight standards in accordance with AR 600-9.
  • Must have a written endorsement letter (LOR) from an interview with a CW2-CW5. Active Duty candidates must receive their LOR from a 131A who is currently on Active Duty (not waiverable).

*Any prerequisite not met will require a prerequisite waiver in writing to proponent. Be advised that submitting a prerequisite waiver does not constitute automatic approval.

  • Hold an associate degree or higher from an accredited college or university.
  • Complete the following correspondence courses on Doctrine Networked Education and Training (DOCNET): all intelligence, operations, and joint and planning courses.

NOTE: All selectees will attend the 30-week WOBC at Fort Sill, OK.

NOTE: Army National Guard programs and benefits are subject to change. Your local warrant officer recruiter has the most up-to-date information about job availability and bonuses in your state.