Sorry, this job is no longer available.

Voice Intercept Technician Details

  • Conducts, manages and gives operational direction for use of intelligence and electronic warfare (IEW) personnel and equipment
  • Ensures voice intercept operators follow established procedures and techniques
  • Supervises intercept, transcription and translation of designated foreign communications
  • Advises commanders and staff officers on the employment, deployment and use of voice intercept personnel
  • Defines and advises the commanders on language problem areas
  • Performs site selection of operations security (OPSEC) quality control for deployed electronic warfare (EW) personnel

With increasing joint operations, a greater pool of applicants from other military branch services (Navy, Air Force and Marines) exists. Those who can demonstrate their qualifications may apply for 352P on a will-train basis. Other military branch services' applicants must come from a military intelligence Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) with similar duties and skill set as outlined above. Applicants must demonstrate their qualifications through hard copies of document experience (e.g., awards, certificates and performance evaluations).

Due to the large number of qualified applicants with under 12 years' Active Service (AS) for 352P, the Military Intelligence Proponent is discouraging applicants with over 12 years' AS from applying at this time.

These prerequisites are not waiverable.
  • Be a sergeant (E-5) or above
  • Have successfully completed course X3AZK085ZZ, EW/SIGINT Voice Interceptor, 35P
  • Have a minimum of four years' operational experience in Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 35P in at least two assignments
  • Have a minimum of two NCOERs
  • Be an Advanced Leaders Course (ALC) graduate-all phases
  • Be qualified in at least one foreign language with a Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) of R2/L2 verified on the Department of the Army (DA) Form 330; test must have been taken within the past year, and a copy of the DA Form 330 must accompany the application
  • Have a Top Secret clearance based on a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)
  • Be eligible for access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)
  • Enclose a written recommendation from a senior warrant officer (CW3 and above preferred) from within the applicant's organization who holds the Military Intelligence Warrant Officer (MI WO) MOS 352P; in organizations where no SWO in the correct MOS is available, a letter of recommendation from any senior MI WO or any MOS 352P can be substituted

  • Be an SSG (E-6) or above
  • Had a recent (within one year) Counterintelligence (CI) Scope Polygraph
  • Have a minimum of three NCOERs, with one in a leadership position
  • Obtain a DLPT R3/L3 in a foreign language
  • Possess an associate degree or higher from an accredited college/university

NOTE: Army National Guard programs and benefits are subject to change. Your local warrant officer recruiter has the most up-to-date information about job availability and bonuses in your state.