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Engineer Equipment Maintenance Warrant Officer Details

  • Supervises personnel in maintenance of engineer and ground support equipment
  • Analyzes malfunctions, and supervises minor repair and adjustment of engineer equipment used for:
  • Power generation
  • Earthmoving
  • Shaping and compacting
  • Lifting and loading
  • Quarrying and rock crushing
  • Asphalt concrete mixing and surfacing
  • Water purification
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Water gap crossing
  • Petroleum, oil and lubricants (POL) transfer
  • Engineer electronic application
  • Supervises maintenance of nonengineer equipment
  • Inspects incoming equipment to determine repair requirements; assigns work and inspects outgoing equipment to ensure quality of repairs
  • Establishes maintenance and repair schedules, based on equipment schedules and availability of parts, tools, personnel and unit mission
  • Establishes internal administrative procedures to obtain, store and issue publications, tools, parts and POL
  • Manages maintenance float items to replace equipment not repairable within prescribed time limits

  • Be a Sergeant (SGT) (E-5) or above.
  • Have 5 to 6 years' on-the-job experience in feeder MOS validated by Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs).
  • OJE experience defined: Specific (operations/logistic support) experience includes any position involving direct contact with equipment/commodity/electronics/repair, retail or wholesale munitions operations, and/or munitions management. ARNG, USAR and civilian experience related to MOS will be taken into consideration. Evaluation reports documenting experience must describe specific MOS-related positions, duties and responsibilities performed and must be commensurate with the rank of the Soldier. Primary positions (Supply Specialist, Admin NCO, Commander's Driver, etc.) and primary duties/responsibilities (Recruiting NCO, Range Safety NCO, Company Ammunition NCO, HAZMAT Driver, etc.) which are not directly related to logistical operations, commensurate with the rank of the Soldier, do not qualify as on-the-job experience.
  • Be an Advanced Leaders Course (ALC) graduate from a feeder MOS. Waiver requests may be submitted and will be considered on an individual basis. All phases/ERB must state ALC graduate and all DA Form 1059s must be provided in the application.
  • Provide a copy of all NCOERs, which should reflect MOS proficiency in an engineer equipment maintenance supervisory capacity.
  • Enclose a written recommendation from a warrant officer from within the applicant's organization, who holds the warrant officer (WO) MOS the applicant is applying for. In organizations where no WO in the correct MOS is available, a letter of recommendation from a senior WO in the correct MOS from a supporting unit can be substituted.

NOTE: Applicants must submit a separate waiver request for each prerequisite not met. Waiver requests must provide rationale as to why the waiver should be granted. No waivers will be granted for E-4 and below.

NOTE: Army National Guard programs and benefits are subject to change. Your local warrant officer recruiter has the most up-to-date information about job availability and bonuses in your state.