Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician

ICONMA | Concord, NC, 28027, US
Salary Range:$36,000 – $52,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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The Echo Tech performs cardiac ultrasound independent of immediate supervision.

Studies include 2D M-mode and pulsed and color flow ultrasound.

The Echo Tech assists the physician with transesophageal echocardiograms.

Maintains a clean safe environment and performs job responsibilities in a safe manner.

Maintains clinical competency as appropriate to the ages developmental stages and special needs of the patients served.

Performs diagnostic echocardiograms and stress echo procedures as ordered by physicians.

Consistently achieves accurate quality information while performing echocardiographic imaging and following procedural guidelines and protocols.

Documents when standards and protocols cannot be followed.

Explains and clarifies purpose established procedures and possible side effects of each procedure to the patient and significant other to relieve fears and anxieties associated with the diagnostic cardiology procedure.

Answers all questions and listens to all patient comments.

Confirms all physician requests and secures and always evaluates patients clinical history for proper clinical indicators and possible contraindicators for procedure requested.

Collaborates with attending physician and supervising physician to ensure quality patient care.

Demonstrates knowledge and use of equipment necessary to perform echocardiograms.

Plans and coordinates with other team members for an interdisciplinary approach.

Includes patient family and/or significant other in the planning process.

Participates in decision-making and in cooperative goal directed efforts.

Initiates and maintains orderly and complete departmental records.

Understands the reporting process from study completion to physician interpretation to final report.

Prepares types and files test interpretations in an appropriate manner.

Forwards reports to appropriate nursing unit ordering physician office or medical records as needed.

Always has an appropriate diagnosis code prior to doing the procedure and documents correctly.

Has a basic understanding of the charges billing and coding.

Demonstrates current knowledge of clinical field of practice by one or more of the following: current clinical certification presentation of journal articles or attendance to one clinical based workshop.

Volunteers for hospital-initiated community services functions or participates on a hospital-based committee.

Demonstrates accessibility to staff physicians and customers.

Performs role of a preceptor by teaching new or needed skills to staff and students.

Contributes to the organizational and departmental team environment.

Attending all departmental and interdepartmental meetings and provides input for improvements.

Collaborates with other departments and agencies to ensure quality patient care.

Ensures effective communication with other areas involved in the patients care.

Promotes and assists in a smooth efficient and cost-effective delivery of services to patients families and physicians.

Recommends opportunities for improvement.

Utilizes the FOCUS-PDSA model for improvement activities involved in.

Participates in accreditation process including quality assurance ranging from collection of data to implementing process improvement.