Installation Technician

Installation Technician

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Salary Range:$26,000 – $35,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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Position Vision:

An Installation Technician shall be able to conduct the core competencies of the installation process. These core competencies include all levels of installation process including, but not limited to: preparation, cable running, and installation of various system devices, programming, and maintenance. The Installation Technician will work with all parties involved in the installation process, including Customers, Sub-Contractors, Vendors, and fellow teammates within the organization. The installation Technician shall be responsible for making sure any project is completed to the standards defined by Amer-X.


Installation/Field Work
- Ability to create pathways for running wire throughout various types of locations utilizing either defined drawings or making proper determination based on situation. This will include drilling holes in wall studs, joists, ceilings, and floors.
- Installing wire properly throughout a project by running wire in created pathway. This also includes placing wire in proper access locations, terminating the cable to the proper device and maintaining the wire in a professional and clean manner.
- Mount and fasten all necessary security system equipment to proper locations in a professional and safe manner. Making sure that equipment is secured in a sturdy fashion that will allow for optimal functionality while also maintaining installation standards.
- Ability to test, repair, and troubleshoot any level of issue and equipment that is involved with the installation process, including checking equipment, wiring, programming and product functionality.
- Ability to drive to assigned job sites within Amer-Xs normal commuting area, which is the State of Arizona.

Other Tasks
- Provide high level customer service by conducting self in a professional manner to customers, sub-contractors, and any other parties involved in the installation process.
- Accurately use various methods of technology for timekeeping, job tracking, service ticketing, and project management.
- Responsible for keeping and maintaining any required documents of completed work, including marking up project blueprints or other drawings related to an installation project.
- Responsible for maintaining and caring for all company-issued vehicles, tools and resources and keeping them in good working order.
- Keeping up to date on product training, new product availability, and industry developments.