Tower Lead

Tower Lead

Heightstower | Bloomington, IL, 61791, US
Salary Range:$53,000 – $113,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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The tower Lead must be responsible for work performed on the tower. Knowledge of rigging antennas, equipment, and mounting of all antennas and equipment. Knowledge of different carriers, color codes, and routing guidelines. Be able to instruct and teach/guide Tower Techs on all aspects of the tower. Be able to communicate with the foreman about many issues, as well as have the ability to look ahead to prepare for future issues that may arise. Have the ability to lead the crew if the foreman is absent or in a meeting. Knowledge of test equipment and its procedures. Be able to take direction from the foreman.

Required Skills

All Tower Tech Skills plus technicians must possess the physical ability and agility to handle activities such as rigging, tower climbing, and carrying tools, equipment, and materials that may weigh up to 75 lbs.

Other minimum requirements for this position are:

  • Must have a valid driver's license and clean driving record

  • Ability to work outdoors performing manual labor

  • Must be flexible to work hours that include nights and weekends as required

  • Can clearly and effectively communicate to team members and management

  • Ability to follow all established quality & safety procedures

  • Ability to effectively follow established safety escalation procedures if the need arises

This position is responsible for performing various wired/wireless construction tasks including tower maintenance and installation, coaxial and antenna installation and required RF testing, and related responsibilities in accordance with OSHA safety guidelines. This scope of work is typically performed in an outdoor environment at client site locations. This position assists crew foreman with site management duties including tower and ground operations, and sweep testing.

This position involves climbing and working at great heights, physical labor, and the use of hand and power tools. Interacts with crew members and sub crew members on a daily basis. Performs a variety of tasks. Extensive travel is required. This position reports directly to the foreman.

Essential Duties:

  • Must be able to read and comprehend regulations and instructions, as well as possess good oral communication skills

  • Performing advanced construction tasks including troubleshooting/repair as required to meet client specifications and schedules

  • Responsible for following the safety practices and guidelines set forth by the company's safety policy, as well as following all state and federal safety regulations and ensuring that direct reports follow the same safety procedures

  • From time to time responsible for sweep testing, pictures, and other paperwork to the office in a timely manner

  • Providing guidance, training, and work leadership to direct subordinate climbers/tower technicians to maximize safety and productivity, minimize costs, and maintain quality

  • Ability to capture/upload site photographs

  • Interacts with customers and subcontractors in a professional manner consistent with the quality of the company

Skills Required:

  • A desire to lead a team to produce high-quality work for our clients

  • A work ethic that is reliable, hardworking, responsible, and motivated

  • Prior experience with LTE upgrades, and other relevant technology

  • Experience with sweeps, PIM testing, and fiber testing is a plus

  • Ability to stay on task independently and work in a team environment

  • Ability to work in a deadline-oriented environment

  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and work well in a crew environment

  • Effective supervisory skills through years of wireless experience

  • Advanced knowledge of OSHA safety and quality guidelines, relevant tools and equipment, and commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures within the telecommunications construction field


  • This position requires experience in the telecommunication industry or related field, 2 to 3 years preferred but not required

  • This position also requires ComTrain certification, OSHA 10HR, connector training, First Aid/CPR training, and being an approved company driver

  • Must possess the ability to effectively communicate and interact with the foreman, crew members, PMs, and all other employees in a professional, courteous manner

  • High school diploma or equivalent