Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Likha IT | Philippi, WV, 26416, US
Salary Range:$32,000 – $50,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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We are looking for a Project Coordinator who can efficiently bridge information like

project requirements and specifications to from freee to Likha engineers.

› Hiring Background:

Likha-iT being one to freee’s mission of “Empowering small businesses to take center stage”, we are

committed to develop and provide an “integrated management platform” that integrates,

automates, and streamlines all back office operations.

Likha-iT is part of freee’s Global Engineering division that has just been launched at the beginning

of 2022 and currently developing products and building up diverse and talented development


› What you’ll do:

● Provide accurate translations of data and documents.

● Attend meetings or conferences and act as official translator to mediate discussion.

● Engage with other departments to provide translation services and maintain open

communication with team members and management.

● Learn special words or terms being used in the business to improve efficiency and quality

of verbal and document translations. This includes but is not limited to HR relevant jargon,

business domain and free-ish high-context jargon.

● Contribute in providing better and smoother operation by bridging information from freee

to Likha members and vice versa

› What we seek:

● Must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in any course.

● Proficient in Japanese language. N2 JLPT Passer.

● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills capable of maintaining strong


● Attention to details even under pressure

● Good to have at least 1 year of employment experience in Japan