Broadband Specialist IV (System Tech)

General Responsibilities: Performs field technical work. Responsible for routine maintenance and repair of CATV distribution system and HSD system and for turn-on of new distribution system. Maintenance and troubleshoot the trunk system due to equipment and/or power failure. Specific Responsibilities: * Performs any and all duties of personnel in Broadband Specialist I - III descriptions (with respect to both CATV and HSD services). * Sets trunk levels, sets-up and changes out trunk amplifiers, calculates signal level losses in cable and equipment for trunk lines and distribution lines. * Installs electronics and makes power connections. * Properly uses, stores and maintains all test equipment used in system. * Conducts system tests such as signal/noise, signal/hum, summation sweep, chart recording, return loss bridge, including monthly, semi-annual and annual tests. * Assumes full responsibility for troubleshooting and repair of the coaxial and fiber distribution system. Prepares estimates for projects, providing bill of materials. * Assists and effects interface for required revisions to strand and design maps. * Manipulates connectors, fasteners and wire and uses hand tools. * Climb poles with proper equipment (safety belt, safety strap and climbers), ladders or other structures as needed. Lifts and carries loads up to 75lbs (including 28 ft ladder); uses bucket truck when required (after receiving certification). Works within limited confines, such as crawl spaces. * On Call duty will be required. * Other functions that may be assigned. Preferred Experience/Skills: * 5+ years in a cable field technical position. * Valid driver’s license; satisfactory driving record. * Knowledge of client/server architectures, bridges, local area networks, wide area networks, and IP networks are highly desired. * Knowledge of all residential cable installs, service calls, and Broadband Specialist I-III responsibilities. Fiber PRI, DS3, PM/DM activity, & fiber restoration. * Ability to operate all tools and equipment in a safe and responsible manner. * Good written and oral communication skills. * Ability to work in all weather conditions and at various heights. * Ability to work flexible work hours, including evenings, weekends, holidays and overtime as required. Keywords: System Technician, Maintenance, Broadband Specialist V, Installer, Technical Operations, Technician, Cable, Construction, Maintenance, Telecom, Internet, Install, Home Security, Xtream, Fiber, Copper, Splice Are you a returning applicant? Previous Applicants: Email: Password: If you do not remember your password click here.
Mediacom Communications Corporation
Full time
Edenton, North Carolina, US