Pharmacist - Long Term Contract - Staten Island University Hospital - NorthCampus - FlexStaff

Pharmacist - Long Term Contract - Staten Island University Hospital - NorthCampus - FlexStaff

Northwell Health | New York, NY, 10007, US
Salary Range:$101,000 – $143,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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Job Description

Evenings - 3:00pm - 11:00pm. 3-5 shifts/week with alternate weekends. Hospital Experience Required; must have order verification experience (Sunrise/Epic). IV Room experience is a plus.


* Interprets and enters drug orders and patient data into computer profile. Selects, prepares, and dispenses drug products to fill inpatient and outpatient prescriptions. Labels drug products as per procedure.
* Dispenses employee prescriptions, initiates profile system, and provides drug information.
* Interacts with health care personnel to provide information on drug action or delivery of various medications. Provides compatibility information for IV administration of various drugs.
* Screens for drug allergy and drug interactions. Notes drugs or classes of drugs contraindicated in specific disease states. Conducts pre-admission and discharge patient medication interviews upon request.
* Reviews patient charts and nursing medication-charting documents for accuracy and completeness to maintain accurate patient profile. Ensures drugs are reordered as per hospital policy and procedure.
* Maintains records and inventory of investigation drugs, controlled substances, and methadone. Maintains records of transactions and delivery.
* Manufactures, prepares, and labels compound and solutions, and other sterile products.
* Performs related duties, as required.
* ADA Essential Functions


* Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy including internship, required. PharmD, preferred.
* Must possess current license to practice Pharmacy in New York State.
* Minimum of one (1) year related experience to ensure familiarity with hospital pharmacy practice, preferred.
* Additional Salary Detail

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