Maintenance Attendant

Maintenance Attendant

ABM | Los Angeles, CA, 90009, US
Salary Range:$31,000 – $43,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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Pay: 22.46

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The Maintenance staff supports a building or a facility by doing things like changing light bulbs, cleaning spills, emptying trash and light mechanical maintenance. They will also do regular housekeeping to keep areas clean and safe. The Maintenance staff will report safety hazards and larger maintenance problems to a supervisor. They will also keep track and report on supplies inventory. The Maintenance staff must be flexible and willing to complete all tasks that are assigned.


* Repair and maintenance of restroom and breakroom plumbing fixtures.
* Clearing drains by means of plunger and hand-held auger.
* General labor, such as carrying, stacking, organizing materials used in and around the job site.
* Debris and trash removal not part of janitorial contract or scope of work.
* Repairs and cleaning of HVAC registers, radiators return grills.
* Minor repairs of furniture.
* Maintaining and/or replacing door hardware.
* Repair / replacement of venetian blinds.
* Maintenance painting in mechanical and electrical rooms.
* Touch up painting in building common areas.
* Touch up painting in tenant spaces when authorized by property management.
* General cleaning in mechanical spaces.
* General cleaning of exterior entry spaces using vacuum, mop, broom, steam cleaner / high pressure sprayer, and other types of cleaning devices or equipment.
* Cleaning and painting of non-operating mechanical equipment which has been shut down, locked out and tagged by a Journeyman Engineer in accordance with ABM Lockout / Tagout Program.
* Miscellaneous handyman work requiring the limited use of hand tools.
* Cleaning roof drains, air vents, registers and radiators.
* Replacing lamps and cleaning light fixtures.
* Ballast replacement per ABM Lockout / Tagout polices.
* Replacing ceiling tiles.
* Floor tile replacement.
* Replacing air filters.
* Cleaning of engineering shop areas.
* Replacing fire extinguishers.
* Hanging framed objects not requiring the use of power tools other than cordless drill/drivers.