Non-tenure track research associate

Non-tenure track research associate

Rutgers University | New Brunswick, NJ, 08903, US
Salary Range:$57,000 – $85,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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The laboratories of Profs Prabhas Moghe and Mark Pierce are seeking a non-tenure track research associate to join an ongoing project focused on the design, application, and translational development of novel, optical nanoprobes for use as biomedical contrast agents. The Rutgers team has published several reports that demonstrate the promise of these patented probes in the detection of cancers and cancer metastases (Naczynski et al. Nature Communications 2013; Kantamneni et al. Nature Biomedical Engineering 2017). This technology has potential translational applications in both drug discovery and image-guided surgery. The position will involve nanoparticle synthesis using established methods, administration of nanoparticles to murine models of cancer with partnering labs, and in vivo imaging of these models using prototype hardware. The project will allow the research associate to develop technical lab skills and grant writing skills. Additionally, this individual will have the opportunity to work closely on the commercialization of the technology.

Graduate training in the physical sciences, biological sciences, or engineering is recommended. Prior experience in nanoparticle chemistry, small animal models, optical imaging, or cancer biology is desirable. Additional training will be provided, if and as needed.

The position is supported by funding from Rutgers University and the NIH.