Outside Sales and Design

Outside Sales and Design

Plant Interscapes | Austin, TX, 78719, US
Salary Range:$60,000 – $88,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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NATURA // Outside Sales and Design - On Target Earnings will provide annual income of $90,000 minimum.

ROLE: Outside Sales and Design [FULL TIME]


* Do you like being surrounded by nature?
* Can you look at a plant and think of different ways that it can be displayed around town?
* Do you have general knowledge of agriculture?
* Are you techy savvy? Can you use basic Microsoft Office, Office 365 and learn new methods quickly?
* Do you possess the ability to relate to people - form a relationship - find a need - fill a need?
* Can you create an instant connection with people?
* Are you willing to admit your mistakes and learn from them?
* Have you been told you command attention - with your presence and your attitude (Not arrogant - just confident)
* Do you have inherent "drive" - do you act and not wait to be told all the details? Can take an outcome and figure out the rest?
* Do you have the ability to speak in front of groups of people? Everyone is nervous, but can you do it?
* Can you flex from a leader role to a follower role and back seamlessly?
* Are you comfortable with pitching different ideas to both executives and mid-level managers?
* Do you see yourself as part of a team and working as a team? We need someone who wants to build others, assist others, and have fun doing it!
* Do you have the DRIVE to learn new techniques and designs from multiple resources that we provide and take initiative to learn on your own?
* Do closing deals and building your income excite you? Are you willing to work until the job is done?


* Enhance the built environment
* Design inviting and natural spaces that boost employee productivity and well being
* Build beautiful areas for our client's consumers


We believe we exist to enhance all environments and help PEOPLE THRIVE

We are The Leader in enhancing the Built Environment


* PEOPLE - Place others' needs first; respect everyone
* OWNERSHIP - Own it and do it right; when in doubt, shout it out.
* FAITH - Honor God in all things.
* LEARNING - Take initiative; keep learning.
* QUALITY - Nothing less than the best.


* Utilizing a list of potential customers and visiting these accounts - Plug in all of your visits and phone calls - track your progress.
* Use our CRM to track what methods work and what methods may need to be improved.
* Identifying potential opportunities by tracking new business development construction - Stay up to date and keep learning!
* Onsite visit at a minimum of 15 - 20 new/opportunity accounts per week - Don't worry, we pay mileage too!
* Make a minimum of 30 - 40 new objective prospecting sales calls per week - Not to the accounts you visit of course!
* Use your communication skills, when talking to current clients, to present new, fun, and fresh ideas to help enhance their environments.
* Open up the minds of potential clients by putting together a presentation to deliver and showing them how we provide environments that make PEOPLE THRIVE!
* Use resources such as LinkedIn, Social Media accounts, and Business Journal to identify Point of Contact- Proactive Outreach!
* Meet or speak with your supervisor every Monday to discuss what you have planned - When in doubt, shout it out! Your team is here to help you succeed.
* Work with our design and quoting team to promptly deliver proposals - that's right, we have a person to help you every step of the way!
* Drive your compensation to new heights with by closing deals, building relationships and receiving referrals!
* Have fun!! Remember - we are enhancing the environment for everyone we work with - That means you too!