Prepared Foods Manager

Prepared Foods Manager

Redner's Markets Inc. | Allentown, PA, 18101, US
Salary Range:$29,000 – $36,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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POSITION TITLE: Food Service Manager

DEPARTMENT: Food Service

REPORTS TO: Store Director and Director of Food Service



To effectively direct and supervise all functions and activities of the Food Service Department to achieve maximum sales and profit goals.


* Knowledge of merchandising techniques and "special events" within a food service setting.
* To oversee and execute all operation objects set forth for the Food Service department. The food service department will include all hot foods, salad bar, store made sandwiches and salads..
* Responsible for managing the budget and department expenses, sanitation, safety, regulatory compliance, menu development, preparation and service of food.
* Responsible to check and verify all Food Service department deliveries and invoices to ensure accurate billing from vendors.
* Responsible for maintain acceptable inventory levels to ensure the highest quality of freshness of all products.
* Meet profit objectives by controlling food, supply, and labor costs and maximizing sales potential through aggressive marketing and/or promotions while controlling shrink.
* Record, track, and maintain inventory levels of product used for food preparation. This includes conducting physical inventories each period.
* Responsible to help assist in unloading and transporting the prepared food merchandise to sales floor or storage areas.
* Maintain sanitation, health, and safety standards in work areas. Assesses sanitation practices and establishes sanitary controls as required by the county and/or state health department and company policy.
* Handle damages and spoiled products according to company policies and procedures.
* Ensure favorable image with guests through a clean, attractive and friendly food preparation and serving by complying with sanitation, safety, and security company policies.
* Plan, develop, maintain, and execute food preparation tools essential to managing inventory and production while controlling shrink.
* Observe state and health department regulations pertaining to food safety and sanitation and to also maintain a housekeeping program to ensure a clean and orderly department.
* Ensure compliance to local, state, and government weights and measures, and food labeling laws.
* Effectively train and develop food preparation employees on programs, equipment function, and fundamental cooking principles. Supervise and schedule personnel to achieve highest quality of customer service.
* Abide by and enforce all company policies as stated in the Employee Handbook.


* Conducts regular departmental meetings for the entire staff to communicate plans, programs and policies, in order to teach, resolve problems, and seek suggestions for improvement.
* To oversee the prepared food department and assist in slicing and making prepared food trays when necessary.
* Assists in the hiring, training, appraisal, and discipline of the food service employees.


* Minimum 2 years' prior experience in food service management, retail department management, guest relations, and/or customer service experience.
* Must have to ability to read and write to properly tag merchandise, order merchandise, and maintain an acceptable inventory level.
* Basic analytical and math skills necessary for interpreting invoices, gross profits, and labor percentages.
* Must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to quickly and effectively resolve issues that arise with both staff and customers.
* Must have excellent oral and written communications skills for dealing with guests, employees, supervision, and vendors.
* Obtain/hold any local, state and/or county required food handling/sanitation licenses and/or certificates. ServSafe certification or comparable required.
* While performing the duties of this job, candidate will be required to stand for extended periods of time (2hrs+). Situations will require lifting, bending, stooping, pushing and pulling, occasionally having to lift objects up to, and possibly over, 50 pounds,
* Basic computer skills essential with heavy focus on Microsoft programs.
* Must be a vibrant and dynamic personality with a high level of enthusiasm and a sincere passion for working with people and food.