Customer Service Rep. / Cashier Liberty Shell

Customer Service Rep. / Cashier Liberty Shell

Herdrich Petroleum | Liberty, IN, 47353, US

Posted 13 days ago

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Join our team! In this role you are the front line in our relationship with our customer. Offering that great level of service is what will set you apart from others in this very competitive industry.


Throughout your shift you will be responsible cashing out customers and for a variety of tasks to ensure the store is well kept, fully stocked and ready to satisfy every customer. Good time management skills and ability to multi task will contribute greatly to your success and the smooth operations of your store.

Tasks and responsibilities*

Greet all customers visiting you location

Tend to customers in a timely and professional manner

Operate cash register, accept various payments, make change and maintain proper cash levels.

Make sure coffee is always full and hot.

Stock and maintain product levels

Seek ways to maintain and improve store appearance.

Keep register area free of dust and clutter.

Complete appropriate shift tasks provided by management and any other unexpected tasks that may come up.

General property maintenance (Sweeping, weeding, shoveling, salting)

Rotate product when stocking with new to maintain freshness (sell older first)

Operate a lottery terminal

Opening and closing your shift on store registers.

Ensure all necessary store close reports are printed.

Complete cleaning duties sometimes difficult to complete during the busy day time hours.


Competitive Wages, Vacation, 401K, Profit Sharing, Healthcare

* Promptly greet customers, being friendly and hospitable.
* Observe and control pump island activity, handle all transactions for fuel sales and inside sales.

* Be courteous and friendly at all times to customers, co-workers, managers, and
* Wear uniform and be neat in appearance. Wear close toed, rubber soled shoes and socks. No nose rings, lip rings, or offensive jewelry.
* Practice good personal hygiene.
* Practice proper hand washing and glove wearing procedures.
* Have exceptional communicating skills.
* Assist customers who have problems or questions.
* Go to pump islands area, pump gas to assist handicapped and elderly in the fueling process.
* Handle registers cash, credit card and EBT transactions promptly and in accordance
with established procedures.
* Perform housekeeping duties: cleaning shelves, fast food area, floors, cooler,
backroom, restrooms, equipment and surfaces, etc.
* Lot duties: empty trash, sweep up trash, clean up spills, spread ice melt
* Complete a shift checkout and specific task related reports as required.
* Account for cash and credit cards.
* Take meter readings and register readings.
* Get tank readings/stick tanks.
* Report stolen cards and drive-offs, and customer complaints.
* Stock merchandise, Build displays, Merchandise products.
* Check in vendors.
* Perform any other task requested by manager or supervisor.

* You will be required to have exceptional communication skills: Communicating
with customers, Fellow Team Players, and Management 100% of the shift.
* You will be required to be in full uniform 100% of the shift.
* You will be required to be able to stand 95 to 100% of the shift.
* You will be required to be able to walk 75 to 80% of the shift. Going from one
transaction area to another and while doing cleaning.
* You will be required to be able to lift and carry 15 to 45 lbs while filling
products in cooler and setting up displays and putting away stock.
* You will be required to be able to do some kneeling, bending at waist, and
* You will be required to have normal hearing ability for good customer care.
* You will be required to go outside to pump gas, empty trash, empty grease, clean lot.
* You will be required to have acute seeing in order to watch all activity in and out of the store.