Assistant Technical Lead

Assistant Technical Lead

Company 3 | Pune, MH, IN

Posted 16 days ago

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Job Purpose

Although the Team Second does not have as many responsibilities as the TL, there are enough similarities in their roles which are vital to the team’s success. They must be available to assist the TL whenever he/she needs help completing tasks. Additionally, the Second will take on all the TL’s responsibilities in their absence.

Roles & Responsibilities

Manage the team
  • When the TL is not available on the floor i.e. absent, dailies, or meetings, the Second must take the initiative to make sure the team continues to work on shots assigned.
  • The Second must answer any questions the artists on the team have, and help with any technical issues.
  • Taking the artist role
  • The Second must be versatile at all times. When shots are high priority, the Second should be available to work on shots as needed, while helping to manage the team.
Being on the same page
  • The TL and Second must be on equal terms at all times. When priorities and deadlines are approaching, the Second must be aware of all points. They must be looped in on valuable and relevant information in this regard.
  • The second must also have the ability to QC shots when necessary. They should adhere to the same quality the TL and the QC team seeks.