AM Server - Hotel Vin

AM Server - Hotel Vin

Hotel Vin | Grapevine, TX, 76099, US
Salary Range:$19,000 – $26,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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DEPARTMENT: Food and Beverage

REPORTS TO: Food and Beverage Manager

STATUS: Non-Exempt

TYPE: Full Time

PAY RATE: On average, people in this position make $35+ per hour, including tips and hourly rate.


If a station in the dining room is a symphony, the server is its conductor. Servers are responsible for leading and maintaining the communication between the entire service team, while also being the primary presence at the table. Servers must be able to delegate and prioritize quickly and constantly. Servers take control and ownership of every guest's experience. Servers have a high degree of emotional intelligence and deliver thoughtful, empathy-driven service as a result of this. They have a strong, confident presence at the table that is derived from their comprehensive food, wine and spirits knowledge.


• Greets guests within 1 minute of being seated.

• Leads guests through all aspects of the dining experience.

• Provides gracious and professional food and beverage service in an efficient manner. Also responsible for answering questions, suggestively selling, and creating an upbeat atmosphere for guests.

• Must be knowledgeable of the menu, brands, prices and options, as wells the restaurant's promotions and specials.

• Takes guest beverage and/or food orders and inputs orders accurately in the point-of-sale (POS) system.

• Communicates all allergy and dietary restriction information clearly on tickets.

• Retrieves and delivers food and beverage orders in a timely manner.

• Replenishes beverages and ensure guest satisfaction throughout the meal service.

• Serves alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages in accordance with federal, state, local and company regulations.

• Clears plates at the appropriate time and always asks for help in doing so when the clear can't be completed by one person.

• Responsible for crumbing the table whenever it is appropriate during the meal.

• Makes certain the serving station is well-stocked, clean and organized at all times.

• Presents the check and responsible for all transactions including receiving payment and accurately counting back change.

• Keeps the table areas and bar clean, orderly and properly stocked. Clears and resets tables.

• Gives every table a sincere thank you and farewell.

• Responds graciously to guest service issues and reports the situation to Restaurant Management.

• Conduct oneself in a professional manner with the awareness that all actions and communications are within guests' view.

• Maintains a sincere, positive, pleasant and enthusiastic attitude provides our customers with the highest quality care and service.

• Additional tasks and responsibilities may be assigned at the discretion of the manager. Furthermore, tasks and responsibilities may be added or revised based on the volume of business and the need for the work to be completed at the present time.


• Ability to think and communicate clearly in high pressure situations.

• Ability to move quickly and gracefully throughout the dining room.

• Demonstrate basic math skills with excellent reading, writing and verbal communication skills.

• Knowledgeable of the menu, ingredients and cooking techniques. Knowledgeable of drink recipes and pricing.

• Ability to confidently make food and beverage pairing recommendations.

• Ability to execute professional wine service.

• Knowledgeable of pre-check register operation.

• Knowledgeable of computer operations and ordering procedures.

• Knowledgeable of basic sanitation.

• Ability to effectively communicate effectively with customers, co-workers and supervisors.

• Ability to maintain excellent attendance and punctuality.


• Previous bartending, serving and/or customer service experience.


• Ability to stand and exert fact paced mobility for periods of 5 hours or more with a high energy level

• Abe able to lift 15-30 pounds, and exert fast-paced mobility between the dining room and kitchen for periods of up to 4 hours in length.