Process/pastuerizing Oper-pa

Process/pastuerizing Oper-pa

H P Hood LLC | Philadelphia, PA, 19107, US

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Pasteurizer/ Batcher

Job Title: Pasteurizer/ Batcher

Department: Production

Reports To: Production Supervisor

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Job Classification: Class V

Job Function:

Combines and blends ingredients according to company formulas and ensures the blended product meets company standards. Once the standard is assured, the blended product is ultra-pasteurized in accordance with US Public Health Standards (PMO) and corporate guidelines. Certification by the PA Department of Agriculture is required. Cleans all related equipment and general sanitation of processing area.

Job Responsibilities:

* Knows the purpose and can properly use all safety switches, interlocks, and safety devices.
* Obtains formula for the product to be batched from the TRICORE System. Assures that all pipe connections are correct. If necessary, obtains any raw ingredients from the warehouse.
* Combines the ingredients following the formula and blends in a manner to produce a uniform product.
* Rebuilds equipment as necessary, this includes homogenizers, valves, pumps, etc.
* Provides a representative sample of the batched product to the Laboratory to ensure the product meets agreed standards. If necessary, adjustments will be made to the batch until standard is met. All adjustment must have the approval of the QC Manager or the General Manager. Only then can the product be ultra-pasteurized.
* Ensures all products be ultra-pasteurized prior to being sent to the sterile product tank.
* Monitors all time, temperature, pressure, and flow requirements and documents on both the Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and the Clean in Place (CIP) system.
* Cleans all tanks, processors, and lines as necessary. This includes the inside and outside.
* Completes sterile tank CIP/SIP as necessary.
* Ensures full completion of all legal documents and batch lot coding within TRICORE.
* Complies with master cleaning schedule at required frequencies.
* Cleans all Floors, Walls, and Equipment to maintain quality standards.
* Neatly stores and cleans all parts, clamps, gaskets, hoses, etc. to ensure they be kept clean and stored in their proper place.
* Operates more than one processor simultaneously.
* Complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's), safety regulations, and plant policies
* Changes recording charts as needed and monitors and records information on them as directed. Charts are legal documents. They must be legible and accurate.
* Samples and tests strength (concentration) of cleaning solutions.
* Ensures correct product is batched in the correct tank. The correct quantity must be made within specifications for that product. All documentation procedures must be followed.
* Directs the correct ultra-pasteurized product must to the correct sterile tank.
* Maintains the sterility of the product by ensuring all tanks and lines are clean and sterile after the UHT system.
* Ensures all Rework is checked by the laboratory before blending to determine fat, solids, bacteriological quality and wholesomeness.
* Confirms all product is stored, blended and processed in accordance with the PMO.
* Documents information on all processor charts, PM records and CIP record.
* Receives milk, cream, and bulk liquids. Provides samples to lab before offloading to ensure product is within specifications. Directs flow of the product from the tanker to the correct storage tank.
* Incorporates proper rework into proper batches of like products.
* Performs all sanitation requirements of the processing room.
* Batches at the maximum recommended rate per the manufacturer to ensure batches are prepared on time for the required time on the UHT schedule.
* Checks all State Seals and steam seals for compliance.
* Ensures full completion of all legal documents and batches lot coding info within TRICORE.
* Communicates change of product in sterile tanks to filling operators.
* Will perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

SQF Requirements:

Support SQF by;

* Support SQF by maintaining food safety and food quality through completing job tasks and maintaining the work area in a sanitary manner.
* Report food safety problems to personnel with authority to initiate action.

Job Qualifications:

* Aware of all safety procedures.
* Aware of and wears all personal protective equipment.
* Can properly fill out all required documentation.
* Has a complete understanding of the schedule.
* Has successfully completed all functional UHT department training and possess a strong working knowledge on all pieces of equipment.
* Must be capable of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.
* Must successfully complete and maintain the Penn Maid Forklift Certification.
* Able to effectively teach and coach new operators within the department.
* Pallet jack certified.

Physical Requirements:

* Regularly required to talk or hear.
* Regularly required to stand and walk and bend.
* Regularly required to climb stairs.
* Regularly required to use hands and fingers.
* Regularly required to lift and carry 60 pounds.
* Regularly required to read small print.
* Regularly required to communicate effectively.

Workplace safety is vitally important to our company-not only at our company but we also view it as an important aspect of the lives of each and every employee, the communities we work in as well as our customers. While at work, our employees are responsible for understanding and following all safety rules and procedures for their job assignment. HP Hood offers regular training and ongoing reinforcement so that safety becomes a daily conversation with all employees. Likewise food safety is a key performance indicator for our company. Understanding this, Good Management Practices (GMPs) and housekeeping procedures are to be followed as part of any job at HP Hood. There is no production goal, no competitive advantage, nor any cost-effective measure that is worth risking your own personal safety.