Health Assistant

Health Assistant

Tippecanoe School Corporation | Lafayette, IN, US

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The position available is for:

*a. Health assistant: Certified/Registered Medical Assistant or EMT required.*

*b. Part time position, 30 hours a week. Positions available at the following schools: *

* *Wea Ridge Middle School*
* *Monday-Friday, 9:30 am-4:00 pm*

*c. Benefits are not offered due to this being a part time position.*

*d. Position follows the school calendar, approximately 180 days a year.*

Health Assistant Job Description:

Nursing activities must be according to the Nurse Practice Act, the professional Standards of Practice, and school policy. The priority of this position is the essential skills classroom nursing needs, and assistance in coverage if the staffing in the Essential skills classroom is low. If Essential skills classroom needs are met, other nursing duties can be assigned.

Job Responsibilities

1. Promotes health and prevents illness/injuries in the educational environment to facilitate the removal of health-related barriers to learning and to promote an optimal level of wellness for students / staff.

2. Provides first aid care for illness and injury for students and staff.

3. Performs nursing responsibilities as delegated by GLASS. Common procedures include tube feedings via pump or gravity, catheterization, seizure management, repositioning, assisting with bathroom needs, medication administration, and assisting with activities of daily living within the essential skills classrooms.

4. Contacts parent/guardian or physician of student in case of illness, injury, seizure, etc. (in accord with teacher and school nurse communication guidelines).

5. Communicates with parents and as needed about health concerns (in accord with teacher and school nurse communication guidelines).

6. Keeps Teacher, School Nurse, and GLASS Nurse updated about student health concerns.

7. Maintains information for health care record updates (including health care plans and emergency care plans, seizure records, procedure records, nursing notes).

8. Helps classroom staff to understand health care needs.

9. Administers medications and health care procedures according to physician's orders, school policy, and students' Individualized School Health Care Plans.

10. Monitors, reports, and recommends changes for safety hazards and sanitary conditions in the classroom environment.

11. Provides health counseling for students at the direction of the school nurse.

12. Assists the GLASS Nurse or School Nurses in the development of the Individualized health Care Plans and Emergency Care plans as needed.

13. Assists with care of special needs students in the school(s) as assigned.

14. Maintains nursing license/certification, CPR and First Aid certifications.

15. Attends training and in-services as assigned.

16. Carries out other nursing duties as assigned.

17. Rides bus as needed

18. Any other duties assigned by school nurse or supervisor.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $17.18 per hour

* Monday to Friday

* health care: 3 years (Preferred)

* Certified Medical Assistant (Preferred)
* EMT Certification (Preferred)

Work Location: One location%58047475%