GROW Program Manager

GROW Program Manager

Boston Medical Center | albany, WA, AU

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Manages all aspects of program administration and operation, including financial and grants management, strategic planning, personnel management, public relations and promoting the program to the public. Duties include managing data, maintaining budgets, preparing grants proposals; functioning as a key liaison with public and private funding sources, regulatory agencies and relevant hospital programs. Clinical responsibilities include running clinic sessions, making anthropometric assessments of infants and small children, collecting and managing clinical research data in a standardized format, and serving as liaison with neighborhood health centers and funding agencies.
Position: GROW Program Manager      
Department: Grow Clinic Special Fund
Schedule: Full Time
Works collaboratively with the Program Directors and the leadership of the Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Department to create and manage seamless coordination of clinical services and administrative tasks for the Grow Clinic at Boston Medical Center.  
Program Implementation and Infrastructure
Develops and implements all guidelines and policies with the purpose of ensuring compliance with all government regulations, as well as maintaining alignment with the organization's mission.
Monitors the effectiveness of the program, making adjustments as needed. Develops and implements quality initiatives, including staff recruiting and training, monitoring/reporting of significant clinical events, monitoring/recording patient/family satisfaction, and monitoring/recording satisfaction of referral sources.
Works with the Program Directors to create, develop and recommend changes in program model; implements new clinical services, as needed.  Ensures accessible, culturally appropriate continuum of services for clients.
Works with existing partners to ensure seamless delivery of services for high need clients.
Ensures the department maintains an up-to-date listing of and liaison with other human services providers, including the Department of Children and Families, community health centers, family stabilization teams, residential facilities and shelters.
Personnel Management
Recruits, interviews, and on-boards student interns. Supervises interns and volunteers and provides training and guidance for intern specific Grow Clinic responsibilities, instilling a commitment to quality and excellence.
Assists with orientation and supervision of graduate interns (e.g. public health or medical students), residents and research assistants rotating through the department.
Conducts bi-weekly supervision meeting with student interns. Delivers constructive feedback as it relates to performance in an appropriate manner. Corresponds with internship coordinators at local universities and complete a post-internship evaluation.
Works with Program Director, department managers, and Human Resources on the selection of qualified employees for employment following all policies, guidelines, and applicable laws.
Monitors productivity and performance to identify and evaluate program/ department strengths and training opportunities in relation to operational effectiveness. 
Encourages staff and personally advances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs and workshops and maintaining knowledge of industry standards and practices.
Maintains personnel files for all assigned staff, including current CV, current job description, core competency ratings, mandatory education requirements, continuing education requirements, and yearly performance evaluation/goals and objectives.
Attends community and national events in an effort to influence policy and build positive relationships.
Articulates the purpose and goals of the program to potential partners and general public through written articles, distribution of promotional materials, public speaking and other engagement/meetings. 
Works in tandem with the Development office to secure funds, donations and grants to facilitate donor cultivation and stewardship in order to meet the budgetary requirements of the program/department.
Works with Program Director and staff to identify funding sources, developing proposals and case statements and solicit major gifts. Merges, prints letters and labels for gift solicitation mailing.
Contributes to the development of new ideas that affect the program/medical center.
Organize Christmas and Thanksgiving events for patients and families
Ensures timely and accurate data collection and to maintains program’s data management system. Compiles statistics and uses data to determine status of program activities.
Writes the quarterly progress reports and annual progress reports for submission to all external funding agencies/sponsors.
Functions as a key liaison with MOVA, DCF, DPH, SAMHSA, BPHC and other federal, state and city agencies. Ensures clear communication and coordination between Boston Medical Center and all regulatory agencies.
Conduct weekly staff meetings to review clinic operations, urgent cases, requests for training and consultation, discuss intern training program and other relevant programmatic topics.
Serves as representative of the Grow Clinic in community functions and hospital in-house meetings.
Fills out DPH forms according to state contract--initial intake, and discharge forms and maintains correspondence with DPH-answering questions, fulfilling requests, etc. Acts as a delegate to DPH Growth and Nutrition meetings.
Responsible for service delivery statistics-to obtain from BMC, the Grow Clinic staff and Brockton FTT staff and deliver to Boston Medical Center Grants Management Office and MDPH.
Collects and manages clinical data in standardized format. Presents growth grids of established patients and referrals for discussion during conference. Produces statistics from clinical data for Program Directors when requested.
Clinical Operations
Responsible for running clinic sessions. Collaborates with physicians, nurses and colleagues from other clinical programs in a cooperative approach to patient care.
Schedules patients in EPIC system and sends out reminder notices to patients and their families. Reschedules no-shows and cancellations and follows up on children who have not consistently kept appointments.
Assists in getting referral authorization numbers from neighborhood health centers. Takes new referrals (gets information, sets up medical record, and triages as needed), and consults with senior nutritionist and/or team.
Conducts meticulous anthropometric assessments of young infants and children during clinic visits. Performs vital signs including temperature, O2 saturations, blood pressure. Assists in the collection of blood, stool and urine specimens.
Flags and prepares list of children for speech language pathologist, occupational therapist and developmental specialist to perform assessments. Coordinates clinical patient services such as interpreter services, vaccinations, IEP assessments etc.
Maintains positive relationships with neighborhood health centers and other health care providers. Maintains correspondence with neighborhood health centers through visit summary letters, missed appointment letters, and phone calls.
Other Duties:
Conforms to hospital standards of performance and conduct, including those pertaining to patient rights, so that the best possible customer service and patient care may be provided.
Utilizes hospital’s behavioral standards and values as the basis for decision making and to support the hospital’s mission and goals.
Follow established hospital infection control and safety procedures.
Develops competencies as related to position and perform other duties as needed.
(The above statements in this job description are intended to depict the general nature and level of work assigned to the employee(s) in this job.  The above is not intended to represent an exhaustive list of accountable duties and responsibilities required).
Requires a Bachelor’s degree and several years of relevant experience or a Masters degree with an emphasis in human services, education, public administration, social work, or community development.
No certifications or licenses is required for this position.
Must have a minimum of five to seven years of experience in the health equity non-profit sector preferably with a focus on maternal and child health or similar experience in a hospital or clinic setting. 1-3 years in a leadership or supervisory role preferred but not required.
Ability to provide leadership and coordinate the work of a team of assigned team members with an emphasis the ability to achieve targeted results through motivating, mobilizing, and delegating to others.
Ability to work in a multi-cultural, diverse, decentralized environment, and handle multiple tasks and responsibilities at the same time effectively as a member of a health care team.
Must excel in a busy and often stressful clinic and office work environment.
Excellent oral and written communication skills; ability to be detailed oriented in all notes, documentation and record keeping.
Demonstrated ability and experience in areas