Older Adult Community Support Worker

Older Adult Community Support Worker

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust | Liverpool, ENG, GB

Posted 14 days ago

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Come and join us at Leigh Moss Community Hub, based at Leigh Moss Hospital, Liverpool L14.

We are currently looking for another Support Worker to join our team.

This is an exciting role that will focus on supporting older people within our community that have a diagnosis of dementia or a severe and enduring mental illness.

There will be plenty of opportunities to work closely with our Multidisciplinary Teams, our colleagues within primary care and the voluntary and social enterprise sector. You will be able to deliver 1-1 care and intervention (mental health and physical health) and deliver groups supported by our experienced staff members.

We can offer you a variety of career development opportunities through our in-house training packages in addition to continual healthcare and professional development within Mersey Care. Given the diverse nature of this role it is essential for applicants to be able to drive a car.

We welcome applications from inpatient and adult health care settings as your skills will be transferable and we can offer you our specialist experience and training.

For an informal visit or a chat please contact Jody Taylor jody.taylor@merseycare.nhs.uk tel: 07920 784276

The aims of this work could include:
• Reducing social isolation/loneliness by supporting the person with social re-engagement
• Introducing the person to community resources
• Signposting and supporting people to groups within the community and accompanying them to groups initially to build confidence
• Supporting the person to attend appointments as part of care plan eg housing, GP, benefits advice
• Supporting the person to address challenges within their current environment as part of care plan ie reduce clutter etc
• Supporting person to leave the house to increase confidence as part of graduated programme
• Supporting person to carry out community-based activities of daily living eg shopping
• To carry out mindfulness/anxiety management on individual/group basis as appropriate
• To identify and develop resources of appropriate community resources available within the area
• To introduce person to new hobbies /interests/ activities and link them with Life rooms / other appropriate local VCSE provision
• To support the person to develop social networks
• To support the person to structure time/ planning for week to increase engagement
• To consider establishing /facilitating peer support groups

Mersey Care is one of the largest trusts providing physical health and mental health services in the North West, serving more than 11 million people.

We offer specialist inpatient and community services that support physical and mental health and specialist inpatient mental health, learning disability, addiction and brain injury services. Mersey Care is one of only three trusts in the UK that offer high secure mental health facilities.

At the heart of all we do is our commitment to ‘perfect care’ – care that is safe, effective, positively experienced, timely, equitable and efficient. We support our staff to do the best job they can and work alongside service users, their families, and carers to design and develop future services together. We’re currently delivering a programme of organisational and service transformation to significantly improve the quality of the services we provide and safely reduce cost as we do so.

Principal Responsibilities:
1. To carry out assigned duties, involving direct care and observation of service users under the guidance and indirect supervision of qualified staff.
2. To report to the qualified staff any observations made whilst providing care to service users activities and leisure, providing details of mental state and risk factors.
3. To work with service users on an individual and group basis as outlined in the care plan and as directed by the appropriate named lead professional.

1. To coordinate the assessment and delivery of a planned programme of care with guidance and indirect supervision from a qualified practitioner and to contribute to formal assessment and delivery of an individuals plan of care.
2. To assist with activities of daily living, social, recreational and occupational activities as agreed in the service user care plan.
3. To report general observations and provide feedback to a qualified practitioner both verbally and in written formats, if required. This should include any concerns arising from the service user physical or mental health.
4. To contribute to effective running of the service by providing and receiving information to/from other departments or services. Ensure this information is provided in the most effective way i.e. telephone, fax or in writing.
5. To assist service users with self-administration of oral medication and ensure any concerns / issues about medication are reported back to a qualified practitioner.
6. To use a variety of verbal and non-verbal skills to overcome communication barriers presented by service users due to their mental health needs.
7. To contribute to maintaining a safe environment for service user in the community.
8. To carry out specific duties that contributes to the assessment of service users as requested by a qualified practitioner.
9. To develop and maintain links with other agencies and services, both statutory and voluntary.
10. To use skills and techniques, to de-escalate situations where service users become physically or verbally aggressive.
11. To carry out observations and inform the Registered Nurse of any concerns. e.g. temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, diet and fluid intake, weight as requested by a qualified practitioner.
12. To contribute to the development of risk management plans for service users by reporting, to the qualified practitioner any issues or concerns regarding service users behaviour / action towards themselves or others.
13. Respond to the changing needs of service users.
14. Control the assessments of implemented individual service users care plans.
15. To undertake and understand the support of observations as per policy (Levels 1- 4)
16. To carry out escorts with service users on and off the hospital site.
17. To support qualified nurses in the administration of medicines by acting as a witness.
18. Provide advice and guidance related health promotion to the service user.
19. Plan social and therapeutic work with service user using a range off therapeutic approaches.
20. Participate in presenting multi disciplinary reviews, daily reviews and handovers.
21. Undertake surveys and audits.
22. Assist in the collection of data from a variety of resource.

1. To participate in the services’ performance management supervision framework and work towards meeting identified goals and objectives as agreed in a personal development plan.
2. To act, at all times, in accordance with Trust policies and procedures.
3. To undertake mandatory training as stipulated by the Trust and ensure that all interactions with service users are in line with this e.g./manual handling.
4. Under the guidance and supervision of a qualified practitioner, make accurate, timely and appropriate entries into health records in accordance with professional and Trust standards.
5. To participate as appropriate in clinical and professional meetings held within service to assist effective two-way communication.
6. To seek advice and further training, if appropriate.
7. To make the qualified practitioner aware of any incidents arising during a span of duty and carry out any actions arising from this as directed.
8. Take direction from the qualified practitioner as to any duties or tasks assigned to you for own span of duty and carry them out as requested.
9. To participate, as directed in the induction of new staff including supporting junior staff.%38266870%