Part Time Merchandiser

Part Time Merchandiser

Gotham Brand Managers | Indianapolis, IN, US
Salary Range:$22,000 – $29,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

Posted 14 days ago

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We are seeking a *part-time Merchandiser *_(2 days per week) _to join our team! You will be responsible for planning and assembling commercial displays for brand marketing in the _*Indianapolis, IN*_ area!

*Responsibilities: *

* Ability to manage relationships and organize day to visit 7-12 stores per day (depending on location)
* Coordinate with marketing and sales team to determine display merchandise
* Set up and take down marketing displays
* Research ideas for merchandise displays and layouts
* Ensure safe construction and location of displays
* Maintain inventory of supplies and materials
* Work with Ops Manager via Slack to assure client's objectives are addressed

*Some of the Competencies/Skills required to successfully perform this position are: *

* *Adaptability* – maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements or cultures;
* *Building Strategic Working Relationships* – developing and using collaborative relationships in Whole Foods and other upscale grocery chains to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals;
* *Building Trust* – interacting with others in a way that gives Whole Foods and other upscale grocery employees confidence in one’s intentions and those of the organization;
* *Communication *– clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups;
* *Customer Focus* – making client and chains' needs a primary focus of one’s actions; developing and sustaining productive relationships with chains (Whole Foods) employees;
* *Decision Making* – identifying and understanding issues, problems and opportunities; comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions; using effective approaches for choosing a course of action or developing appropriate solutions; taking action that is consistent with available facts, constraints and probable consequences;
* *Initiating Action* – taking prompt action to accomplish objectives; taking action to achieve goals beyond what is required; being proactive; generating innovative solutions in work situations;
* *Negotiation* – effectively exploring alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that gain the support and acceptance of all parties
* *Safety Awareness* – identifying and correcting conditions that affect employee and customer safety; upholding safety standards;
* *Self-Starter *– working the majority of the time without direct supervision; prioritizing, organizing and completing workload accurately within allotted time period;
* *Work Standards* – setting high standards of performance for self and others; assuming responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks; self-imposing standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed.

*Qualifications: *

* Previous experience in retail or other related fields
* Ability to handle physical workload
* Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
* Ability to drive from store to store
* Deadline and detail-oriented

*\*\* Applicants with Instacart experience preferred \*\**

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $155.00 /day

$50.00/day for travel

$100/ monthly for gas increase

$50.00/month for cell phone allowance

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $155.00 per day

* Flexible schedule
* 8 hour shift

* Driver's License (Required)

Work Location: On the road%58047475%