Hospice Aide

Hospice Aide

Amedisys Inc. | Dallas, TX, 75201, US
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What You Will Do

Performs duties essential to personal care which are given to patients in their home. Provides support services, under the supervision of the appropriate professional staff, to assist the client or family in the achievement of physical and emotional comfort according to physicians' orders. Works with patients and their caregivers to assist them in assuming responsibilities toward self-care.

* Provides personal care services per state/federal rules, regulations, and/or standards.
* Applies safety principles and proper body mechanics to the performance of specific techniques of personal and supportive care such as ambulation of clients, transferring clients, assisting with the normal range of motion and positioning and doing household chores.
* Plans and prepares nutritious meals, including shopping and assisting with feeding, as assigned.
* Performs homemaking and other environmental services as assigned.
* Observes, reports and documents any changes in patient's status. If unable to perform a certain task, reports to the primary nurse.
* Understands basic elements of body functioning and reports changes in patient's body functions as indicated.
* Recognizes emergency situations and implements appropriate emergency procedures per care center policy.
* Follows care center procedures regarding infection control, handling of hazardous wastes, and safety measures.
* Accurately documents care provided and submits notes and other required documents per care center policy.
* Follows specific written instructions for personal care prepared by a registered nurse in accordance with the Plan of Care. Written instructions are to be received prior to the delivery of services.
* Assists patient with prescribed exercises as instructed per nurse or therapist.
* Provides respite for patient's family/caregiver when on-site, as appropriate.
* Performs and records simple urine tests for sugar, acetane, and albumin.
* Attends funerals/call hours when appropriate as assigned by the bereavement coordinator.


* High school diploma or equivalent.
* Current state certification (or registration) as a nurse assistant as per state certification/registration requirements.
* Has not had a consecutive 24-month lapse in furnishing services for compensation; if so, the individual must complete another training and competency program before providing services.
* Meets federal/state requirements for this position. Hospice Aide (HA) competence will conform with requirements in the Medicare Conditions of Participation found in 42CFR 418.76. Must be able to successfully pass the competency program of the care center.
* Upon hire, will have completed one of the following:
* Training (at least 75-hours) and competency evaluation, the content of which addresses all subjects listed at 42CFR 418.76 (b) & (c).
* A competency evaluation program that meets the requirements of 42CFR 418.76 (c).
* A nurse aide (at least 75-hours) training and competency evaluation program approved by the State as meeting the requirements of § 483.151 through § 483.154, and is currently listed in good standing on the State nurse aide registry.
* A State licensure program [42CFR 418.76(a)(1)(iv)].
* Current CPR certification.


* Six (6 ) months of direct patient experience within the timeframe of two (2) years, in an institution or care center setting.

Amedisys is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified employees and applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, pregnancy, marital status, national origin, citizenship status, disability, military status, sexual orientation, genetic predisposition or carrier status or any other legally protected characteristic.