Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Software Engineer (Full Stack)

GenesisCare | sydney (alexandria), NSW, AU

Posted 13 days ago

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At GenesisCare we want to hear from people who are as passionate as we are about innovation and working together to drive better life outcomes for patients around the world.

Software Engineer – Full Stack / Front End

Do you want to work on products that improve the world we live in? If you join GenesisCare’s Digital Solutions team you can not only work on a modern tech stack, but you also get to work on a suite of products that is helping improve the standard of care that cancer patients receive, and you get to join a dynamic, fun team of genuinely good humans.

About the position:
We are searching for a mid-level software engineer with full stack experience, to join one of our three teams building modern Single Page Apps for Doctors, Nurses and Patients.

Our front-end is built using React with Hooks, apollo with graphQL, the backend is build in Python using Django framework. We maintain code quality with Jest + Enzyme for unit testing, Cypress for automation testing and Eslint to follow TypeScript standards.

About you:

You will be someone who can think outside the box, challenges the status quo, has high energy levels and is someone that wants to work in a dynamic, fun, fast paced environment. 

With a passion for building web applications that users love, you are looking for an environment where you can learn and grow in a fun, supportive team.

You are either a full stack engineer with experience of SPA’s or a front end engineer where your framework of choice is React.

Skills and Experience:

  • 3+ years experience working in software development in particular web applications

  • 2+ years using Python (preferably Django framework) and/or front-end development using React.js preferred, Angular or Vue.js

  • Experience with GraphQL frameworks such as Apollo or Relay is a bonus 

  • Experience with build tools such as Docker 

  • Demonstrated experience creating and maintaining automation tests like cypress, jest or pyunit 

  • About Us:

    The Digital Solutions team at GenesisCare has a vision to deliver evidence-based care around the world using a common platform to improve patient experience and life outcomes. We do this by building products for Patients, Doctors, Nurses & Radiation Therapists. Our products are built to provide intelligent automated workflows to drive consistency across the treatment journey, we leverage Machine Learning to improve decision support for staff, ultimately with the goal of improving patient’s lives.

    Technologies we use:

  • Front-end: Webpack, TypeScript, React, Apollo, GraphQL, SCSS, Styled Components, Jest, Cypress

  • Backend: Python Django, Graphene, Redis, Redis Streams, Celery, Fast API etc.

  • Hosting/Ops: AWS, Docker, Terraform, DataDog, Cloud Watch, Sentry, Elastic Cache, Redash

  • How we work:

  • Teams: Each product engineering team consists of 3-5 engineers, a PO and either a BA or a Designer and Clinical Subject Matter expert. Teams are cross-functional, self-organised and most use a flavour of Scrum with a 2-week sprint. 

  • Guilds: Guilds are a place to share knowledge and experiences across tech, product and clinical areas. We have a weekly tech guild/tech reading club and a quarterly clinical guild where we hear from Doctors, Nurses and Patients that use our applications.

  • Test focused: We like to test the code we build, and we have a continuous integration infrastructure in place that runs our tests on every push.

  • DevOps mindset: We are cloud first, and everything outside local dev is hosted in AWS. Each team is responsible for deployments and monitoring of their own services. All work is managed through GitHub and Jira.

  • Privacy and data security: we take our patients’ right to privacy seriously, and are continuously enhancing our practices to achieve this, while supporting our products’ deployments in multiple regions, including the EU and US.

  • Remote First: We have distributed teams across the UK, USA and Australia. We have a remote first principle and have evolved our team ways of working during the last few years of remote work. Note, if you are Sydney based, our team in Sydney do get together once a week at our head office for some good old-fashioned face to face time.

  • GenesisCare is an Equal Opportunity Employer.