Site Inspector

Site Inspector

ENGIE | Boston, MA, 02298, US
Salary Range:$36,000 – $51,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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Tractebel is a global community of 5000 imaginative experts engineering a carbon-neutral future. Through our game-changing solutions for complex energy, urban, nuclear and water projects, we help our clients create a positive impact towards a sustainable world, where people, planet and profit collectively thrive.

Work environment

You will join the global power business area based in North America


* Act as Owner's representative onsite.
* Act as inspectors for the following area(s) civil, mechanical/structural (piles, trackers, modules), electrical, foundation, and/or other scopes as assigned.
* Observe and inspect contractor construction activities including methods and materials used to ensure compliance with contractual design and requirements.
* Activities observed could include the construction and installation of: roadways, piles, trackers, modules, inverters, collector systems (AC and DC), collector substation, interconnecting transmission line, operations and maintenance building; restoration of work areas.
* Conduct daily inspections and generate reports for any specific task on a given day including but not limited to the following areas: a. Safety Process Compliance b. SWPPP c. Civil Construction d. Solar Array Construction e. AC and DC Collection Systems f. Substation Construction
* Complete required inspection forms and checklists to support accuracy and completeness of construction. Inspection areas include but are not limited to: a. Civil Inspections i. Roads ii. Drainage Structures iii. Concrete Pads iv. Backfill and Compaction v. Seeding b. Foundations and Racking Inspections i. Tracker Piles ii. Equipment Mounting Structure Piles iii. Tracker System iv. Modules c. Electrical Inspections i. Inverters ii. Combiner Boxes iii. Module Wiring and Wire Management iv. AC and DC Collection Systems v. Underground Cables vi. Terminations vii. Fiber viii. MET/Weather Stations and Sensors d. Substation Inspections i. Buss ii. Cables and Conduits iii. Substation Equipment iv. Foundations v. Grounding vi. Steel vii. Control Enclosure e. O&MBuilding Inspections
* Document all inspections and observations via Procore and in accordance with the PEP
* Maintain the job books in accordance with the PEP. Review for accuracy and completeness. Job books include but are not limited to a. Tooling Job Books b. Civil Job Books c. Foundation and Mechanical Job Books d. Electrical Collections Job Books e. SCADA Job Books f. Transmission Line Job Books g. Substation Job Books h. O&M Building Job Books
* Maintain the visitor control log. This log will be submitted weekly with the progress report.
* Use Procore to issue written communication in the event there are any safety and health violations observed. In the event a notification is made, contractors will be required to rectify the situation and FOs will conduct an inspection to verify its completion.
* Use Procore to maintain the current version of the contract and drawings. Any change orders that are approved, will then be incorporated into the current set for use by all parties
* Use Procore to maintain an active log of shop drawings for use by any and all interested parties. This log will track the status of shop drawings to include the following: submitted, active review, reviewed with comments, approved, or returned.
* Use Procore to maintain an active log of any and all requests for information.
* As needed review any pay requests made by contractors to validate and check for any inaccuracies or discrepancies.
* Use Procore to track all Notices of Non-Conformance, including action plans for corrective actions. Inspect as necessary to verify all items in the Notice have been successfully addressed.
* Conduct walkdowns as needed and prepare punch list items. Conduct final inspections as needed to verify punch list completion.
* Assemble and submit the final project records per the PEP in a timely fashion.
* Provide real-time updates, and live access to the GIS-based construction tracker application that represents the latest project information and construction progress on key construction activities including site clearing/grading and other civil works, access roads, solar array construction, AC and DC collection systems, transmission lines and substation. The GIS system/platform will be provided by Owner.


* Five (5) years construction experience in the assigned area
* Must have experience with quality control practices and field-testing methods used in construction
* Must be able to read and understand construction drawings and schematics
* For Civil/Mechanical/Structural FO(s) experience is preferred with ATI, NEXTracker and FTC single-axis trackers.
* Electrical FO's must possess valid NFPA 70E certification

Additional Information

* Posting Date: Nov 29, 2021