Mammography Technologist-MAMMOG

Mammography Technologist-MAMMOG

RadNet | Baltimore, MD, 21203, US
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Job Summary

3- 10'S, Monday, 730-6, Tuesdays, Thursdays from 8am-6:30 PM and a Sat rotation from 8am-12pm

The Mammography Technologist is responsible for performing a variety of technical activities associated with the performance of screening and diagnostic mammography procedures. The person in this position responds to patient questions and concerns regarding exam procedures and process, while maintaining appropriate confidentiality regarding personal health information, including but not limited to, patient diagnosis, health history, demographics, and referral information. This person is responsible for all paperwork associated with technical procedures and responds to physician questions and needs regarding patient procedures. Some technologists may work under the direct medical supervision of a physician during certain procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

* Performs a variety of tasks involving the operation of mammographic equipment and other equipment/devices as appropriate.
* Positions patients and uses immobilization if necessary.
* Selects proper mode to produce correct exposure factors.
* Evaluates images for diagnostic quality, obtaining additional images as needed.
* Prepares and sets up medical supplies using aseptic techniques if appropriate. Explains procedures to patients.
* Prints film or burns CDs if warranted. Matches with the appropriate paperwork for interpretation.
* Provides orientation to new mammographers.
* Provides education and training to student mammographers.
* Performs other related duties incidental to the work therein.
* Produces high quality diagnostic images in a timely manner while providing excellent patient care.
* Treats patients and customers, including family members or care providers that may accompany the patient, with courtesy, professionalism and respect.
* Monitors patients' well-being during exam; recognizes patient discomfort or medical problems and takes appropriate action.
* Understands and uses compression, exposure modes, filter, KvP, Mas, grid selection, focal spot size, AEC selection, photo cell selection and other adjustments and factors on the equipment in order to produce high quality images.
* Uses ALARA concept to minimize patient radiation doses. Documents and reports any over-exposure and advises management immediately.
* Checks patient history, and obtains appropriate signed waivers, if necessary.
* Consults with radiologist when necessary to determine appropriate exam.
* Completes all paperwork and exam reports associated with technical procedures.
* Responds to physician questions and needs regarding patient procedures.
* Assists radiologist(s) with stereotactic breast biopsies and other interventional procedures if needed.
* Checks referral for appropriate study based on patient history.
* Keeps exam rooms and dressing booths clean and properly stocked with supplies.
* Assures room is ready prior to the patient entering the room (i.e. equipment is operable, all supplies are readily available, and has been appropriately cleaned and prepped).
* Handles delicate situations in a supportive and empathetic manner ("good bedside manner") while maintaining appropriate confidentiality regarding exam outcomes or potential issues.
* Keeps patient schedule and accommodates add-on patients when requested.
* Communicates delays or changes in the schedule to the appropriate person(s).
* Exercises sound judgment regarding image quality; seeks guidance from radiologist if concerned about what scan reveals and obtains prior approval before doing additional views in order to better diagnose the patient's possible pathology.
* Releases patient with proper follow-up information.
* Monitors Patient Library and print films and burns CDs as needed.
* Conducts daily, weekly and monthly QC testing to ensure the quality control functions related to mammography.
* Guides patients through a sometimes difficult process by kindly talking them through the steps and answering their questions and concerns regarding exam procedures and processes.
* Participates in projects and completes other tasks as assigned by management.