Outreach and Knowledge Manager

Outreach and Knowledge Manager

University of Maryland | College Park, MD, 20740, US
Salary Range:$69,000 – $92,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

Posted 19 days ago

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The Division of Information Technology (DIT) at the University of Maryland, College Park, is seeking an Outreach and Knowledge Manager. The Manager supports the Director's overall responsibility for customer facing IT Knowledge Management and Outreach by overseeing daily operations related to content (articles, posts, videos) creation and management, requests for changes and updates, and adherence to quality guidelines. Duties include: collaborating with the Director and other managers to create a strategic vision for Community Support & Outreach, providing daily and weekly service statistics, developing and carrying out quality assurance activities, leading projects, developing and deploying knowledge-centered support methodologies, coordinating outreach events, carrying out shift-left strategies, facilitating automation of tasks, championing AI adoption, reconciling issues raised to management, and representing Knowledge Management and Outreach interests on project teams. The Manager receives strategic direction from the Director to ensure daily operations align with organizational goals.

In addition to daily operations, the Manager acts as a project manager, ensuring Knowledge Management and Outreach initiatives are successfully deployed. The Manager ensures that DIT knowledge resources align with services and meet customer needs. The manager also acts as a business analyst, capturing and analyzing business processes and technology initiatives, and ensuring adequate service deployment.