Reentry Coordinator

Reentry Coordinator

Santa Barbara County, CA | Santa Barbara, CA, 93101, US
Salary Range:$41,000 – $68,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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* Notice of change: This position is open until filled.

Salary: $85,488.44 - $105,566.53 Annually

This salary range reflects the negotiable range for hire. However, the top of the salary range for salary advancement is $124,394.44

We are accepting applications to fill one full-time Reentry Coordinator (Team/Project Leader - General job classification) vacancy in Santa Maria or Santa Barbara within the Probation Department.

Benefits Overview:

* Vacation: 12 to 25 days per year depending on length of public employment
* Holidays: 12 days per year
* Sick Leave: 12 days sick leave per year. Unlimited accumulation, one year of which can be converted to service credit upon retirement.
* Health Plan: Choice of medical and dental plans (with vision care). County contributes toward the employee's premium.
* On-Site Employee Health Clinic in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria: Provides ongoing and episodic services to eligible employees and their eligible dependents over age of 5.
* Life Insurance: $20,000 Term Life Insurance
* Retirement: The County offers a Defined Benefit Plan. Eligibility to participate in 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan.

For more information on benefits please click here. In addition, applicants from other public sector employers may qualify for:

* Retirement reciprocity
* Time and service credit towards an advanced vacation accrual rate

This Position: Through collaboration amongst the partner agencies and the leadership of the Reentry Coordinator, Santa Barbara County will ensure individuals entering the County jail receive multi-agency assessments and case planning that will assist in successful release at the earliest stage possible based on their risk and needs, and the statutorily available options. This approach will assist in ensuring all diversionary options are maximized and individuals exiting the County jail at all stages (pretrial and post sentence) have a more robust discharge plan and a warm handoff as appropriate. This work will interface with work performed by multiple agencies, including Probation, the Sheriff's Office, the Public Defender's Office and the Discharge Planning Team.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This position coordinates efforts between County departments and other government and community agencies to promote policy, operational practices, and supportive services to effectively implement Public Safety Realignment goals, ensure assessment at the earliest possible point of system involvement, coordinate reentry services for returning adults, and engage diverse stakeholders in collaborative case planning and service delivery. The Coordinator is responsible for the development and implementation of coordinated, integrated and multi-disciplinary reentry and justice-related partnerships and services.

The Coordinator is responsible for promoting evidence-based practices throughout the pretrial, realignment and reentry services provided by the Probation Department, Sheriff's Office, the Public Defender's Office, the Discharge Planning Team, and other county agencies and community-based partners. Evidence-based practices include the principles of risk, need, responsivity, dosage and treatment. Through the establishment of performance outcomes and ongoing measurement of relevant practices and processes, outcomes for individuals, families and communities improve. Desired outcomes include increased assessment and diversion at the earliest possible point for justice-involved individuals, reduction in re-arrest and recidivism for individuals, increase in connections to and engagement in individualized services and treatment, and reduction in harm to impacted families and communities. Guiding principles in the delivery of reentry and realignment services include a commitment to address structural inequities, ensure continuity of care, cultural competency, individualized assessments, justice reinvestment, ongoing accountability, and public safety and welfare.

Under the general direction of Chief Probation Officer or designee, the Reentry Coordinator may represent the County on various work groups and steering committees. The Reentry Coordinator is responsible for the implementation of a public outreach and community engagement strategy that strengthens the County's collaboration with key stakeholders and partnerships with public and private sector service providers.

The IDEAL CANDIDATE will possess:

* A strong management background preferably in a criminal justice setting.
* Experience in collaborating with multiple public agencies.
* An ability to lead and support multidisciplinary teams.
* Effective communication, collaboration, and team leading skills.
* Experience in budget management and grant application/management.
* Experience in program planning and program policy development.
* Knowledge of state, federal, and local laws, regulations, and requirements for the provision of counseling services.

Examples of Duties

* Leads teams, units, sections, and/or significant departmental projects; sets team/project goals and measurements; takes full leadership responsibility for assigned teams and projects; obtains and deploys resources necessary to manage team/project; and assumes full accountability for team/project outcomes;
* May supervise staff, including Administrative Leaders;
* Designs and implements customer service solutions and initiatives; and ensures high-quality customer service is delivered by subordinate staff;
* Develops and manages budgets;
* Exercises a high-level of independence in team/project-related decision making;
* Convenes current stakeholders and facilitates analysis of the current system and identifies areas for challenges and gaps in current processes;
* Prepares MOUs and executes releases of information and other documentation necessary to support collaborative efforts;
* Assists with aligning resources, funding and grant requests across partner agencies working on similar initiatives and programs with the reentry population;
* Identifies trainings and best practices to be used in the service delivery and provide or facilitate the provision of trainings as required;
* Identifies and implements shared platform/case notes to overcome agency silo-driven record keeping;
* Develops and begins collection and reporting of data for demographics of those served, services received, and outcomes that capture the work of all agencies involved, including the tracking of individuals served post release;
* Facilitates supervisory and management level meetings of agency and provider staff to ensure joint goals are achieved and drift of practices/oversight is avoided;
* Presents concept and outcomes to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and Community Corrections Partnership (CCP);
* Attends and participates in the Reentry Steering Committee and the CCP Workgroup meetings;
* Attends program and agency related meetings and conferences;
* Ensures reentry case planning encompasses key partners, support and services;
* Ensures compliance with laws, court orders and administrative directives relating to services provided;
* Formulates, recommends, and, if approved, helps implement policies, rules, programs and procedures for enhanced coordination and collaboration between agencies;
* Develops and proposes short and long-range service goals and alternatives, to be shared by multiple agencies serving the same population, if approved;
* Establishes and maintains relationships, rapport and contacts with local service providers;
* Provides responsive, high-quality service to County employees, representatives of outside agencies and members of the public;
* Represents coordinated efforts in contacts with public and private agencies and concerned community groups and organizations;
* Prepares reports and correspondence;
* Other duties as assigned.

Employment Standards

Possession of the core competencies listed here and the ability to immediately demonstrate these competencies consistent with the position's level in the leadership series and the specific work assignment; AND

* Possession of a master's degree in sociology, social work, psychology, criminal justice, public administration, business administration or a related field AND two years of experience administrating the incarceration rehabilitation process with one year of being in a leadership/supervisory role; OR,
* Possession of a bachelor's degree in sociology, social work, psychology, criminal justice, public administration, business administration or a related field AND three years of experience administrating the incarceration rehabilitation process with one year of being in a leadership/supervisory role; OR,
* A combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

In order to be considered for this position, applicants must provide detailed information on their application to demonstrate how they meet the employment standards. Please ensure all university transcripts and degrees are attached to your application.

Knowledge of:

* Organizational management
* Program budgeting
* Contract monitoring and evaluation.
* Identification and development of community resources and organizations.
* Principles and practices of staff and/or volunteer supervision and training.
* Principles, techniques and trends in counseling, psychotherapy, and various treatment modalities.
* Multidisciplinary team approaches
* Evidence-based, best, and promising practices in the field of adult community corrections, including but not limited to: risk assessments; identification of criminogenic needs; treatment models; the need for model fidelity; and appropriate dosage.
* Principles, procedures, techniques, and trends related to counseling, therapy, and guidance of individuals, groups, and families in mental health programs and/or alcohol and drug treatment and prevention programs.

Ability to:

* Collaborate effectively, including forming ad-hoc and standing multi-disciplinary teams, joint decision making between agencies, resource coordination and sharing, and developing information sharing protocols.
* Work with people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
* Effectively represent the County in contacts with clients, the public, community organizations, other County staff, and other government agencies.
* Establish and maintain effective working relationships with professional, administrative and clerical support staff, as well as representatives from other County departments and community resource groups.
* Gather and analyze factual data and statistics.
* Develop and implement new methods, procedures and programs.
* Perform project management including scheduling, information sharing, , tracking, contingency planning, resource allocation, and team leadership.
* Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
* Be flexible and adaptable to continually changing demands or situations.
* Use standard office and computer equipment.
* Maintain confidentiality of materials and use discretion in sensitive situations.

Supplemental Information


* Review applications and supplemental questionnaire to determine those applicants who meet the employment standards.
* Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ): Candidates who are qualified will be emailed a notice to complete and submit a Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ). Candidates who successfully pass the PHQ, will advance to the next step in the selection process. Failure to submit a PHQ by the deadline or not passing the PHQ will result in a disqualification from the recruitment.
* Application Ranking - Qualifying candidates will be evaluated and scored. Candidates' final score and rank on the eligibility list will be determined by the information provided on your application that demonstrates the skillset outlined in the Ideal Candidate section and Knowledge/Ability section on the job bulletin. This process may be eliminated if there are fewer than 11 qualified candidates.

Candidates must receive a percentage score of at least 70 on application ranking to be placed on an employment list. An adjustment may be made to raw scores based on factors listed in Civil Service Rule VI. Those candidates who are successful in the selection process will have their names placed on the employment list for a minimum of six months. At the time the employment list is established, all candidates receive written notice of their score on the exam(s), rank on the employment list and exact duration of the employment list.

REASONABLE ACCOMODATIONS: The County of Santa Barbara is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to applicants. Qualified individuals with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation during the application or selection process should contact the recruiter listed on the job posting. We require verification of needed accommodation from a professional source, such as a Medical Provider or a learning institution.

Recruiters will correspond with applicants by e-mail during each step in the recruitment process. Applicants are reminded to check spam filters continuously during the Recruitment & Selection Process steps listed above to ensure they do not miss required deadlines.

Note: Medical marijuana possession/use, if legally prescribed, is not illegal under the laws of the State of California; however, marijuana use and/or possession, even if legally prescribed in California, is still unlawful under Federal law. Therefore, the Santa Barbara County Probation Department does not distinguish between medical marijuana possession/use and illegal marijuana possession/use, both are viewed as unlawful. Therefore, recent use of marijuana may be disqualifying.

All candidates for the job of Reentry Coordinator must successfully complete the following:

* BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION includes an interview and a thorough check of police records, personal, military, and employment histories, and inquiry of persons who know you and evaluate whether you: respect the law and rights of others; are dependable and responsible; have demonstrated mature judgment in areas such as the use of drugs and intoxicants; are honest; and are a safe driver.
* POLYGRAPH EXAMINATION will measure the accuracy of information given during the background investigation process and is part of the background investigation.

After a conditional offer of employment has been accepted, appointee must successfully complete the following:

* MEDICAL EXAMINATION: Appointee is subject to a medical examination.
* Submit written documentation of his/her LEGAL RIGHT TO WORK in the United States.

The appointee must satisfactorily complete a one-year probationary period.

COVID Vaccination Verification and Testing: This position may be subject to State Health Officer Orders (SHOOs) or County policy regarding vaccine verification and/or testing. Please contact the hiring department for more information.

Disaster Service Workers: Pursuant to Governmental Code Section 3100, all employees with the County of Santa Barbara are declared to be disaster service workers subject to such disaster service. Activities as may be assigned to them by their superiors or by law.

Statement of Commitment:

The County of Santa Barbara is dedicated to cultivating and sustaining an environment that exhibits equity and inclusion everywhere, and at all levels of our organization. The County believes equity is a fundamental principle that must be imbedded in policies, institutional practices and systems. The County recognizes the negative impacts of systemic racism and is committed to eliminating the barriers affecting our Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Asian community members, as well as people of other diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. We envision a world where society and its systems (e.g. education, criminal justice, and health care, housing the economy) are just, fair, and inclusive, enabling all people to participate and reach their full potential.

We celebrate community and employee diversity, strive for inclusion and belonging, and promote empowered participation. We aspire to build a workforce that is reflective of these values and the communities we serve. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and will resolutely uphold federal, California state law and/or Santa Barbara County ordinances.

We believe equity and inclusion are vital to fulfill the County's mission and to embody a culture of "One County, One Future." Expanding the full range of employee talent allows the County to deliver our best to all our community members.

We believe in the dignity and humanity of all people. We strive for a healthy and prosperous society that promotes all people having equitable access and opportunity.

APPLICATION AND SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONNAIRE DEADLINE: Open until filled; Applications and job bulletins can be obtained 24 hours a day at

If you have questions regarding the recruitment not answered in this job announcement, please email Collin Graham, Senior Employment Analyst, at