RISE Recreation Leader

RISE Recreation Leader

City of Lakewood, CO | Denver, CO, 80226, US
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Job Summary

Under general supervision from the R.I.S.E. Coordinator and R.I.S.E. Program Specialist(s), the Variable Recreation Leader assists in the implementation and facilitation of comprehensive therapeutic recreation-based programs with people of all ages and varying abilities. The R.I.S.E. Recreation Leader also manages program resources, makes onsite program decisions and directly supervises staff, participants and volunteers. As an Inclusion Aide, provide inclusion supports for individuals with disabilities. This may include coach/volunteer/instructor orientation, assessing participant's ability in a class/activity setting, and modifying/adapting activities for the individual, and providing behavioral support as needed. Inclusion Aide will also discuss participant progress with families as well as R.I.S.E. staff and take notes on the inclusion.


Community Resources is committed to providing high quality park, recreation, family and cultural services and facilities that inspire enjoyment, learning and wellness in the lives of those who live, work, and play in Lakewood. We value leadership, integrity, communication and connection, diversity, and adaptability.

The City of Lakewood is currently recruiting variable employees for this position. A variable employee is an at-will employee who works in a seasonal or temporary capacity. Their work schedule is based on business need. This position would be a part-time non benefitted position.

Major Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities

* Serve as a Recreation Leader in charge of participants, programs, and resources.
* Serve as an Inclusion Aide to support the successful participation of individuals with disabilities in to general recreation programs. Do this by attending classes (swim, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc.) and providing redirection, instruction interpretation, and general behavioral and participation support for participants. Also provide training, orientation, and support to coaches, instructor, facility staff and volunteers as needed (related to including individuals with disabilities).
* Perform job in a professional manner, i.e. dress appropriately, arrive on time, stay until the end of your shift, attend all appropriate staff meetings, and staff orientation to ensure quality standards are upheld.
* Work as a part of a team by supporting others and taking initiative.
* Maintain an enthusiastic attitude and serve as a role model for positive and appropriate behavior through speech and action on a daily basis.
* Supervise and support participants at all times in program participation.
* Supervise and ensure the health, well-being and safety of all participants and staff.
* Review City of Lakewood and R.I.S.E.-specific policies and procedures and adhere to those procedures when making program or participant-related decisions.
* Abide by and enforce the R.I.S.E. Program's "No Isolated Moments" policy where, when one or more participants are present, there must be at least 2 staff present as well.
* Serve as a respectful member of the City of Lakewood team.
* Enforce safety procedures for city-provided program transportation (if applicable).
* Be constantly aware of risk and how to manage those risks; make safety a top priority in all aspects of the R.I.S.E. program.
* Serve as a resource for families, providers and participants who have questions, suggestions, or areas of concern.
* Manage program supplies including vehicles, program keys, program credit card, general activity supplies and City property.
* Facilitate the appropriate participation of program participants.
* Participate in programs with participants.
* Serve as a role model for positive and appropriate behavior through speech and action.
* Support implementation and evaluation of various recreation programs including: recreation classes, community outings, dances, after school programs, special events, Special Olympics, Unified Sports and overnight outings.
* Assist with the facilitation, growth and progress towards goals outlined for participants in each activity.
* Redirect negative/undesired behaviors from participants as needed.
* Work programs as scheduled. Find substitute as needed.
* Submit hours and an accurate time card on time and in compliance with City policies.
* Make reasonable and prudent decisions conducive to the beliefs of the R.I.S.E. program, Recreation Division and the City of Lakewood.
* Other duties as assigned.

Hours of Work

Day, nights, weekends as requested.

Organizational Relationships

Supervision Received:

* Receives general supervision from R.I.S.E. Coordinator and R.I.S.E. Program Specialists.

Supervision Given:

* Assistant Recreation Leaders
* Volunteers

Essential Qualifications

* Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, participants, parents and caregivers.
* Ability to respond to questions from groups, managers, participants, customers, and the general public.
* Ability to communicate effectively and in a timely fashion with participants, families and caregivers, both verbally and non-verbally.
* Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of situations in a professional manner.
* Ability to interpret and understand instructions, both written and oral.


* Some High School (Diploma or equivalent preferred)
* Some College
* Education in working with people with disabilities preferred

Required Certifications

* Current CPR and First Aid Certifications
* Valid Colorado Driver's License preferred

Preferred Certifications:

* Basic Sign Language

KSA's and Physical/Mental Reqs

Lifting or Carrying:

* Must be able to safely lift/pull/push (with assistance) weight of up to 50 pounds.
* Must be able to perform or assist in participant transfers in varying situations.

Pushing and Pulling:

* Ability to manipulate program supplies as needed.
* Ability to push/pull participants using various assistive devices.

Body Positions/Movements:

* Ability to stand, walk, run, sit, bend, stoop, squat, twist, and reach for extended periods of time.
* Must be able to perform and assist with activities of daily living with participants.


* Must be able to communicate with staff and participants via phone and in person.


* Must be able to instruct, observe, and demonstrate all program aspects.
* Must be able to recognize and prevent/redirect potentially-risky behaviors.
* Must be able to perform basic office functions.


* Must have basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills for compiling reports.
* Must have basic accounting skills to ensure a fiscally sound program.


* Must remember participants' names and abilities, follow-up with participants, parents, staff, and recall how to respond to emergency situations.
* Must remember policies and procedures and apply them accordingly.
* Must meet deadlines.

Language Ability:

* Must be able to read accurately.
* Must be able to compose accurately and grammatically correct documents, letters, signs and memos.
* Must be able to demonstrate logic and verbally communicate.


* Must be able to demonstrate good judgment and assessment of skills.
* Must be able to demonstrate sound decision making skills and be reactive to the needs of the participants in providing intervention to injury.

Work Environment

* The work environment varies by location of event, class or outing. Times of events, classes or outings vary as well. Programs can run during the day, evenings, weekends, and overnight.

Equipment Used

* R.I.S.E. program supplies
* Basic medical equipment
* Phones
* Computers/iPads
* Copier/Printer/Fax
* Tape/CD Player/Radio/iPod/iPads