Azure Data Engineer|4yrs - 15 yrs| PAN INDIA

Azure Data Engineer|4yrs - 15 yrs| PAN INDIA

Capgemini | Hyderabad, TG, IN

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Your main responsibilities will be: Designing and implementing highly performant data ingestion pipelines from multiple sources using Apache Spark and/or Azure Databricks. Delivering and presenting proofs of concept to of key technology components to project stakeholders.

A job is a way to run non-interactive code in an Azure Databricks cluster. For example, you can run an extract, transform, and load (ETL) workload interactively or on a schedule. You can also run jobs interactively in the notebook UI. You can create and run a job using the UI, the CLI, or by invoking the Jobs API.

o "Leaders required to help migrate to Databricks.
Strong engineers with skills in cloud, Big data, Airflow, CO/CD.
Experience in Databricks is highly desirable. "
cloud, Big data, Airflow, CO/CD,Databricks