Junior Web Developer

Junior Web Developer

Intequal | Essex, England, UK

Posted 11 days ago

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Vacancy Overview:

Take and interpret software development requirements to estimate personal time and effort to deliver the work product to enable accurate costs tobe established. We will assign tasks and the candidate will ascertain timescales for implementation.

Working Week:

Typically Mon-Thurs 9-5.30pm. Friday - study day if all tasks completed Mon-Thurs

Detailed Job Description:

Take and interpret software development requirements to estimate personal time and effort to deliver the work product to enable accurate costs tobe established. We will assign tasks and the candidate will ascertain timescales for implementation.Report progress accurately throughout the development life cycle stages to ensure adequate audit trails of key work steps such that the organisation can demonstrate how the product has been created for quality and commercial purposes. We maintain a trello board where task progress can be updated and monitored.Identify and report any impediments to software development activities and propose practical solutions. Tasks will need to be analysed for potential issuesand revised if necessary.Convert customer requirements into technical requirements, both functional and non-functional to ensure that customers' expectations are accuratelyreflected in the software products developed. Tasks will be briefed and then need to be converted into a spec and signed off by the requestor.Communicate software development solutions to a range of internal or external stakeholders to ensure clear understanding of requirements and how they have been met or adjusted. Solutions are presented during development meetings.Consider security implications of proposed design to ensure that security considerations are built in from inception and throughout the development process. Security considerations are considered on the outset and throughout the development process from start to finish.Write logical and maintainable software solutions to meet the design and organisational coding standards (software development lifecycle - implementation/build phase). Software must be developed using the existing coding standards regarding file structure, naming conventions etc.Apply security best practice to the software solution throughout the software development life cycle. We will discuss security best practices.Apply appropriate recovery techniques to ensure the software solution being developed is not lost (software development lifecycle - implementation/build phase). We use Git version control software which allows us to revert changes if needed.Implement appropriate change control to ensure that software development changes may be tracked, and quality risks managed We use Git version control software in order to track changes.Undertake unit testing of solutions, with appropriate levels of test code coverage, to Identify and, where necessary, resolve Issues (software development lifecycle- Implementation/build phase). We utilise PHPunit to catch errors prior to deploying to production.Perform testing of the software solution to ensure a high-quality output (software development lifecycle - test phase). We test software in a staging environment priorto live deployment.Deliver a suitably documented deployable solution to the customer for their use (software development lifecycle -deploy phase). We will provide notes in the related Trello task detailing any related instructions.Support delivery of one or more software deployment phases, such as trials and final release, to ensure that software developer outcomes are deployed correctly. We have an internal testing group to solicit feedback from prior to wider release.Provide support during software trials and after final release to ensure that customers understand and can correctly apply the product, and risks are mitigated. The candidate will provide support to the team and customers after deployment.Apply suitable 'bug fix', appropriate to the severity and priority of the software development issue identified. The candidates will be assigned bugs to fix.Break software development activities down into logical units of work to enable sequencing and ensure the best possible structuring of activities to deliver a high-quality product right first time. This is required when taking on development tasks.Identify and select the most appropriate technical solution, taking into consideration coding best practice and appropriate quality standards. This is required when taking on tasks.Create and maintain appropriate project documentation to explain the development process and resources used. The candidate will need to update the developer docs with key info.Practice continuous self-learning to keep up to date with technological developments to enhance relevant skills and take responsibility for own professional development. Self-learning is required to develop new skills.

Skills Required:

Preferable that the candidate can drive

Personal Qualities:

Team player with an appetite for collaborative problem solving. Quickly learns new concepts and open to coaching. Self starter with a willingness to contribute to the best of their abilities without a fear of failure.