Personnel Administrator- Wynberg

Personnel Administrator- Wynberg

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Job Description

Personnel Administrator- Wynberg


Personnel Administrator


Personnel Manager




Head Office, Cape Town




All Departments, Old Mutual, VIP, Trach Tech, Momentum, Discovery, SARS, Department of Labour



Administers remuneration and benefit payments to employees this role plays a key role in other employment-related activities, such as recruitment, leave management and statutory payments.




Performance Indicators (KPI)

Employee Administration

1.     Required personal information sourced from all employees

A.    Process information in Sage 300  and ESS










·         Identification, passport and tax numbers of all employees are captured on system

·         Contact and residential details of all employees are captured in system

·         Database of employees maintained and includes racial group, gender and remuneration level

·         New employee details are loaded within three days of commencement of employment

·         Employees contributing to medical aid, provident fund, retirement annuities or similar are captured and loaded onto system

·         Authorisations, instructions and adjustments to payroll are captured and accounted for

·         Hardcopy employee files maintained and updated

·         Employee documents as per checklist ticked off, signed and included in employee file

·         Employee files filed and kept easily accessible

·         ESS leave processed daily

·         Store schedules managed and updated

B.    Recruit of new employees

·         Employee vacancies advertised in approved media

·         Application forms made available

·         Employee vacancies and requirements obtained and advertised in monthly newsletter

C.    Administer Trach Tech system

·         Employee information loaded on to Trach Tech

·         Trach Tech roll out managed, inputted and maintained

·         Queries adequately responded to and resolved

D.    Process workman’s compensation claims

·         Stores assisted when a workplace accident occurs and forms submitted to the Compensation Commissioner timeously and progress followed up on

·         Medical progress, final progress and resumption report received for all Workman’s Compensation claims. 

·         Submit completed claims to DOL for refund 

·         WCA return submitted in March each year

·         WCA assessment payment made

E.     Assist with Department of Labour inspections

·         Stores immediately assisted with documents required for Department of Labour inspection

·         Department of Labour undertaking documented and raised to supervisor


2.     Accurate remuneration payments to employees

A.    Administer payroll information

·         Confirm that all stores have submitted wage data for processing.

·         Wages extract completed and ready for payment by Wednesday afternoon.

·         Weekly wages processed timeously

·         Employees received correct remuneration payments

·         Employees with variable pay received correct commissions

·         Required statutory deductions are accounted for

·         Contributions to medical aid and other funds are deducted

·         Garnishee orders are captured and actioned

·         Employee loans are captured and deductions made according to terms

·         Changes to remuneration are captured and actioned

·         Employment terminations are captured, actioned and appropriate payments made

·         Payslips are generated and distributed to employees

·         Employee stock purchases are captured and deducted from remuneration

·         All wage data and files correctly filed away

Statutory Payments

3.      Accurate payroll processing limits penalties and unnecessary expenses

A.      Process monthly pay overs

·         All pay over extracts balanced and paid over within 3 days of pay run closure

·         UIF declaration submitted and any UIF queries attended to and resolved

·         Pay over filing adequately and timeously completed

Employee Benefits

4.      Employee benefit contributions accurately paid, recorded and maintained

A.      Administer employee pension funds

·         New members added to pension fund

·         Exiting members informed of possible pension options

·         Exiting members informed of pension forms needed to access pension fund

·         Contact details for Old Mutual given to exiting employees

·         Exiting members forms obtained, completed and submitted to Old Mutual

·         Beneficiary forms updated annually in April

·         All correspondence from the pension fund actioned timeously thereby limiting delays to pension, death or disability pay outs

·         Pension fund balanced at month end with no differences between the pension extract and the amount paid to Old Mutual

·         All discrepancies investigated and rectified timeously

B.      Process medical aid transactions

·         New employees added to medical aid fund

·         Employees informed of medical aid options and changes to plans annually

·         Medical aid fund balanced with the extract and the medical aid payments at month end

·         Employee exits communicated to the medical aid fund


5.      Sound administration lead to efficient Personnel department

A.      Assist with administrative tasks

·         Documents required for the renewal of liquor licence submitted to the relevant person timeously

·         Personnel Manager assisted with processing of monthly paid companies

·         Ensure all filling and personnel cupboard is up to date for a successful inspection

·         Assist with the submission and distribution of tax certificates

Stakeholder Relations

6.      Productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders maintained

A.      Respond to employee enquiries

·         Employees receive accurate response to their payroll enquiries

·         Medical aid and pension fund changes are communicated to employees

B.      Coordinate with various departments

·         Managers communicate payroll and remuneration issues

·         Managers receive practical advice compliant with legislative and company requirements

C.      Collaborate with external agencies

·         Communication with medical aid and pension fund administrators.

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