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Laverton North, VIC 3026
Comprehensive salary package from $54, pa plus superannuation
Required Skills and Experience
Certificate III in Meat Processing / Butchery or equivalent
At least 3 years of recent and relevant experience
On behalf of our client, Global Skilled Employment Services is looking for skilled and experienced Meat Workers for a , position.r>
Position Summary
stuns and kills livestock, and prepares carcasses for further processing by removing internal organs and hides;
operating switching controls to direct and drop carcasses and meat cuts from supply rails to boning tables;
cutting meat to separate meat, fat and tissue from around bones; washing, scraping and trimming foreign material and blood from meat;
cutting sides and quarters of meat into standard meat cuts, such as rumps, flanks and shoulders, and
removing internal fat, blood clots; bruises and other matter to prepare them for packing and marketing; operating restrainer and stunning equipment;
severing jugular veins of stunned animals to drain blood and facilitate dressing; trimming and removing head meat and severing animal heads;
slitting open, eviscerating and trimming animal carcasses; and
slaughter livestock according to procedures required by religious customs.r>
Other required skills
Knowledgeable and able to adhere with workplace Health & Safety regulations
Has the ability to work effectively within a team environment
Good communication skills
Good focus and attention to detail
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